From old website:

Name: John Barnes
E-Mail: mmjohnb @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Chicago, IL
Comments: Hi! I'm living in Chicago and have been married for 14 years with 2 beautiful daughters, ages 5 and 3. I've consistently been in the computer field and I've been the VP of Technology for a firm in Chicago for the last 3+ years. We just launched a new business application for the iPhone that is doing really well. Drop me a line if you are heading to Chicago, it would be great to catch up. - John
posted on August 1, 2008

Name: Ryan L. Bauer
E-Mail: nelsonbauerfh @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Holdrege, Nebraska
Comments: Look forward to seeing all of you at our reunion!
As most of you know my dedication to funeral service began in the 9th grade during a school career day when I shadowed our hometown funeral director in Lexington. I later began employment at the funeral home in high school and college. After completing my pre-mortuary requirements at Kearney State College, I pursued mortuary school at the Dallas Institute of Funeral Service in Dallas, Texas, graduating as Valedictorian. My wife, Jody (Margritz) Bauer and I have been married for 17 years. Jody is a six grade science teacher and we have one son, Blare, 8 years of age. We have lived in Holdrege for ten years, and own Nelson-Bauer Funeral Homes in Holdrege, Bertrand, Oxford and Orleans.
posted on August 25, 2008

Name: Launa Brock Cumpston
E-Mail: huskrsr1 @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Kearney, NE
Comments: I have been married to Troy (from Cozad) for almost 16 yrs. We have three wonderful children: Trevor is 6 and Ben and Sarah just turned 4. I am a physical therapist and currently work part-time at Good Samaritan Hospital. Troy is a project manager for Midlands Contracting, Inc. After graduation from high school, I went to Lincoln for undergraduate school, got married, and then we moved to Omaha for PT school (Creighton University). After PT school, we lived in Kearney from 1998-2000, then lived in Minneapolis, MN from 2000-2004. Although we loved Minneapolis, we were being led to move back to Kearney to be closer to family and have enjoyed coming back to "Good Ol' Nebraska". We are looking forward to seeing as many people as possible at the reunion.
posted on May 6, 2009

Name: Rob Czaplewski
E-Mail: robamy @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Grand Island
Comments: Married since 1997. One daughter, born 2000. Have worked in politics and advertising. Currently working from home (selling on eBay) and am a stay-at-home dad.

Name: Troy Dangler
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Texas
Comments: Still married to Laura. Children: Kelsey 15, Kyle 18, Keaton 6. I'm superintendent for a tank co. out of Pennsylvania. Travel all over! In Alaska now. We call Texas home. Some day hope to settle down and retire in Colorado. Hope to see all in 09!!! Can't wait to see who's bald and who's not!!!! who's hot and who's not ha!ha!
updated on October 14, 2008

Name: Jennifer Dawson
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: America
posted on May 20, 2009

Name: Francisco "Paco" Diaz
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Kansas City, MO
Comments: After LHS, Paco went on to receive a BA in Elementary Education from Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska and then an MBA from Baker University in Baldwin City, KS in 2001. Paco is an Information Security Officer, AVP for Enterprise Bank & Trust. He and his wife Mary have one child.
updated on May 25, 2007

Name: Heather (Dunn) Rueschhoff
E-Mail: hrueschhoff @
Class Of: 1989
LHSorStAnns: LHS
faculty: no
Now Living In: Omaha
Comments: Married to Mike Rueschhoff from Columbus Scotus. Have 3 boys. Jake 7, Derek 4 and Zack 1. Still doing hair part time. Still hang out with a lot of Lex girls. Still wish I was a MinuteMaid! HA
posted on December 12, 2007

Name: Dawne (Edwards) Hernandez
E-mail: dawne42 @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Lexington, Ne.
Comments: I work @ Plum Creek Medical Group in medical records/reception. Have worked here for almost 10 years. Have 2 boys, Trevor (17) and Dakota (11). They both keep me very busy, Trevor in motocross and Dakota in football, wrestling and baseball! Cant wait to see you all @ our 20 year!
updated on March 29, 2008

Name: Carey (Garcia) Stotts
E-Mail: cstotts @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Kearney, NE
Comments: I have to say that I am definitely curious about seeing everyone at the 20 year reunion! I have been Lead Trainer for Goodwill Industries for 8 months now. Prior to that I was the receptionist for 5 years and a stay at home mom before that. I have two teen boys. Nathaniel is 16 and Ricky is 15. I have been separated from their dad for a few years now. Life certainly has has shown many faces. For the most part life is treating me good. Hope to see you all in June at the reunion.
posted on March 11. 2009

Name: Greg Gifford
E-Mail: dggifford @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Eagle Point, OR
Comments: Well, I moved out here in '88, so... I was a year short. I've been married for 13 yrs to Dianna (Klamath Falls, OR) a 3rd grade teacher and I am a home builder. We have two boys, Ryan - 11, and Ty - 7, who both rodeo, play baseball, and show cattle...and wear my @$$ out! I was looking forward to the reunion to kick Teplys @$$ also, but we're showing cattle that wkend, maybe next time around. OH, Dangler, I'm bald.
posted on June 13, 2009

Name: Michelle (Hagmann) Limbach
E-Mail: mickibach @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Kearney NE
Comments: I am working at The Tooth Fairy, a pediatric dental office, as an office assistant. I am not married, but have been with Larry for 8 years. No children. Hope to make it to the reunion.
posted on June 19, 2009

Name: Charlene K. Hardy
E-Mail: charlenehardy65 @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Cozad
Comments: Since I graduated I went to college and got a cna degree. On February 6, 2009 I got married to Danny Hardy and we celebrated our 1st anniversary this month. I have a blue and red healer mix named patch who is three years old. No kids yet.
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Julie Hawkins
E-Mail: jk.hawkins @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Omaha
Comments: I am a researcher with the Gallup Organization.
posted on March 23, 2005

Name: Jeffery A Holbrook
E-Mail: jeffery.holbrook @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Kearney
Comments: Married 15 years to a Holdrege gal, Barb. 2 children Emma 11, Jacob 9. Full time National Guard employee. Was looking forward to the 20 yr reunion, may have to put that on hold (yet another tax free vacation to the sand box) still would love to here from any and all of you.
posted on November 20, 2008

Name: Kelli Kapustka Smith
E-mail: ksmith4 @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: Married since 1993 to Chad. Two girls, 5 and 2, Karson Jane and Rowen Clare. Spent a couple years in Indiana, a couple more in the D.C. area, and moved back to Lincoln in 1998. On my 7th year in career services at UNL. Finished a Ph.D. in leadership studies in 2005 and teach an undergraduate class each semester. Look forward to seeing you all at the 20th next year.
updated on April 29, 2008

Name: Stacie (Kearney) Ostercamp
E-Mail: kearneygirl1 @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Parkersburg, Iowa
Comments: Living in northeastern Iowa with husband Grant and 3 wonderful kids: Corben, Gaven and Payten.
updated on August 2, 2009

Name: William Corey Keith
E-Mail: ckeith @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Lakeland, Florida
Comments: I currently am the chief financial officer of an employee leasing and insurance agency in Winter Haven, Florida. I also own an accounting and tax practice in Lakeland, Florida. I have been married to my New York gal, Christine, since 1993. I have three wonderful children Kaelyn (13), Cullen (9) and Reagan (6).
posted on December 27, 2006

Name: Tim Keesecker
E-Mail: tim_in_iraq @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Fort Carson
Comments: Currently serving in the United States Army. I am the Headquarters Platoon, Platoon Sergeant, and we are in the 12th month of a 15 month deployment. Met my wife, Kelly while working at Grisanti's in Lincoln (we were both servers, I did not hit on the customers..... much). Married for seven years and have two boys, Ian 5, and Carter 3. On mid tour leave in May we made a third addition to our family, due in February. I say it's a girl, what do you say Jeff? You've been 100% wrong about the sex of my children so far? Stationed in Colorado, but it will never be home. Still root for the Huskers and I always will. In the Army with two kids and the third on the way who has time for hobbies? I read often, and golf when I get the chance. The reading is healthier for me by far, as the golfing tends to elevate my blood pressure to near stroke levels at times. Yes, I am that bad at it. If there is a 20 year reunion, how about letting me know about it before it happens this time?
posted on September 29, 2007

Name: Stephanie (Kopf) Landauer
E-Mail: salanda @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Albion, NE
Comments: Been married to my husband Jim for 15 years. Have two daughters, Amber is 13 and Allision is 10. We own a tanning/nail salon.
posted on August 30, 2005
UPDATE: We moved back to Lexington in November of 2005 after living in Albion for 16 years. It is so much fun to be back in the area around friends and family. My husband Jim works for CEL and I'm an accounting assistant for Orthman Mfg. Our daughters are Amber, who is a freshman this year and Allison is a 6th grader at the middle school.
updated on September 15, 2006

Name: Tiffany Kopf
E-Mail: tiffkopf @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Arvada, Colorado
Comments: My base camp is Arvada, Colorado. I am a Fine Artist on the side and a Graphic Designer during the day. I have a wonderful son, Saul who is 7. You can find us in the Mountains in our spare time (Hiking The Trails!!!) Haven't found Gold yet...or my soul mate! Hope to see everyone at the reunion!
posted on April 6, 2009

Name: Shawn Kraegel
E-Mail: a.kraegel @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I have been married for 7 years to Angie (from Columbus). We have three boys, Logan (5), Seth (2) and Trevor (6 months). Yes! We're done!!! Angie has been a 2nd grade teacher in the OPS district for 7 years and I am the purchsing manager at Builders Supply Co. Looking forward to the reunion and kicking Teply's %$* in golf.
posted on June 11, 2009

Name: Steve Leininger
E-Mail: sleininger @
Class of: 1989
Comments: I am married to Heather (Langseth) now for almost 12 years. Two boys, Dylan - 8 and Dalton - 5, 3 dogs, sometimes turtles, some goldfish and anything else that follows me home! I am a superintendent for a golf course development company out of Lincoln. In Tulsa right now ( ) went to Hawaii for 4 months last winter (Mauna Kea Golf Resort) -- since we're all braggin'! Life is good, I love my family and my job. Just hope I get to keep it! Go Obama! (sarcasm thickly laid). Don't worry about my hair Dangler!!!
posted on April 25, 2009

Name: Crystal (Long) Huegel
E-Mail: spedteachergal @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: McCook
Comments: Hi Everyone! I'm looking forward to catching up with you all. I have experienced a few changes since our last reunion. My son, Landon Mader (who is now 10) and I moved to Chadron, NE in 2002 so I could finish my teaching degree at Chadron State College. I graduated in 2004 with my K-8 Regular Ed and K-12 Special Ed Teaching Endorsements. That summer moved to McCook NE. In June 2005 married my husband, Nathan Huegel. Nathan is the McCook UPS Dispatch Supervisor, but his real passion (his own business) is real photo antique postcards. You can check out Old Post Office Postcards at In August of 2006 I gave birth to my second son Gabriel James and in July of 2007 gave birth to my daughter Lilian Grace. Having a social and active10 year old and two little ones within 11 months of each other has been a challenge and a delightful experience. Well, enough about me. I hope to see many of you in June!
posted on December 8, 2008

Name: Kirk McGee
E-Mail: kirkmcg @
Class of: 1989
Comments: Life has taken a few turns the last couple of years. I am divorced and living in Sun Valley, ID. I have two children, Alex, 8, and Victoria, 5, who live with their Mother in Lincoln. I am a property manager for a landscaping company and my clients include Demi Moore, Tom Hanks, Edgar Bronfman, Steve Miller and even Batman, Adam West. This is a small community full of mostly second high-end homes. Don't think I'll make it back for the 20th reunion, but I am sure the rest of y'all will have a good time.
updated on April 6, 2009

Name: Amy (Meyer) Atwell
E-Mail: aja13 @ (new as of 8-14-2014)
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Richardson, TX
Comments: Our family has relocated to Texas as of the beginning of January. So far, we love it. Everyone is adjusting well. My plan is to attend the reunion, I can't wait to see you.
updated on February 6, 2009

Name: Ross Mills
E-mail: rhesjmills @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Bellevue, NE
Comments: I am currently a Senior Financial Analyst for Raytheon Corporation, a government subcontractor. I work on Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue, a 5 minute drive from my house. My wife, Holli, and I have been married for 14 years and have 3 kids. Eric (11) plays roller hockey, Stephen (7) plays basketball, and Justin (5) plays soccer.
posted on May 4, 2007

Name: Michelle Pooschke
E-Mail: tylersmom30 @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Elkhorn, NE
Comments: Been working as a Commercial Auto Underwriter, handling the state of AK and supervising the State of CA for Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies for 7 years. Lived in TX for a couple years, moving to Austin with my S.O. of the last 13 years (Trey) as soon as my son graduates in May 2010. Tyler (16) is a junior at Elkhorn High and runs cross-country (made it to State but finished last) & hurdles for the varsity track team.
posted on February 6, 2009

Name: Tawnya Rayman
E-Mail: ciao_bella1999 @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Sanford, NC
Comments: I have been married for 16 years to Don who is in the Army. We have lived here, moved to Italy and then back here. I have one son Gavin (9) who keeps us on our toes. I work for the state as an Early Intervention Service Coordinator. I work with families that have children (birth to 3) who are at risk or have special needs and assist them with getting services and therapies. I love it!! I'm hoping to make it back for the reunion to catch up with everybody.
posted on February 25, 2009

Name: Anastasia (Rios) Wood
E-Mail: ana_wood33 @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Wahoo, Nebraska
Comments: Hi Everyone, Well I have been with Jay Wood for 21 years and We have been married for 11 years. We have 4 Children Daniell 21, married Tucker Ferguson both graduated from college in Lincoln Has 2 kids Libby Faith 2 yrs. and Treyce Jeffery almost 1 year. Yes I am a grandma and loving it. Justine is 19 has a daughter Candace Marie almost 2 yrs. and she graduates this year, Joshua is 17 yrs. A junior and Our baby Jasmine 15 yrs and a freshman. I am a stay at home mom (Long Story) for the time being and Jay has his own Masonry Business so I do his book work. Well hope to see everyone at the 20 year reunion. Wow how time flies.
posted on February 6, 2009

Name: Timothy P. Rios
E-Mail: rios68850 @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Pensacola,Fl
Comments: Hi everyone hope you all been doing fine I'm currently divorced but do have 3 beautiful children Brock 19 going to college in Peru, Ne and Caitlin, 15 and Taylor,12 they live in Columbus, Ne so I do come back every once in awhile to Lexington to visit my grandparents which still live their I do inside sale for the company I work for and love it and love going to the beach, golfing and to clubs hope to see you all at the reunion.
posted on February 6, 2009

Name: Jonathan L Roberts
E-Mail: @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Lincoln
updated on June 9, 2014

Name: Jonathan Roberts
E-Mail: @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Lincoln
Comments: I moved to Lincoln after graduation. I have been married to Jan for 13 years and have 3 children. Sonya - 16, Sylvia - 16 & Austin - 12. I currently work for Hy-Vee (grocery) as an accountant.
posted on June 11, 2009

Name: Erik Rowan
E-mail: erik.rowan @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Have been married for 17 years, wife Jackie, one son Joshua 24 (yes adopted) he just earned his degree at UNK in Journalism. One daughter Erika 16 who passed away Feb. 25, 2008 in a vehicle accident. Worked for the Sheriff's Office as a Deputy for the last 10 years, just quit and started my own business.
posted on April 29, 2008

Name: Judy Sather
E-Mail: troyandjudy @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: I'm not usually one to check this stuff out (who needs to when Heather passes along any & all updates?) but had to after the reminder of 20 years from Kelli . Curiosity got the best of me after reading about everyone that had written in so thought I would add hoping others would as well. I've been married to Troy for 13 years. I have 3 daughters: Taylor, 12, Erica, 9, and Ashley, almost 7. I am loving life with a great husband, beautiful children, and mostly staying at home. I also sub for special needs kids from Preschool to 12th and love it! Would love to hear from anyone when you are in Omaha.
posted on August 1, 2008

Name: Cynthia (Shada) Schmidt
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Hi everyone! Can't believe it's been 20 years. Shane and I have 3 wonderful children. Our oldest son Erik, is serving in the U. S. Air Force currently in Okinawa, Japan. Our middle son Zach, is a proud Minuteman who will graduate in 2010. We enjoy following him around the state for football, wrestling and track. Our daughter, Brooke will be a freshman this fall and we chase her around too as she is involved in volleyball, basketball, and track. They keep us busy as I'm sure most of you can understand. Hope to see you at the reunion.
posted on June 11, 2009

Name: Andrew Smith
E-Mail: andrew.w.smith @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Harvest, Alabama
Comments: Hi all, I am currently living in Harvest, AL (Not as bad as it sounds) working for the US Government as a Robotics consultant/technician for Unmanned Ground Vehicles. I have been married to my wife Alicia for 12 yrs and we have a 9 yr old daughter named Madison. I am deploying to Afghanistan for 1 year with my job as a civilian contractor. Drop me a line if ya get the chance.
updated February 6, 2009

Name: Cory Smith
E-Mail: Cory.Smith @ Target.Com
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Woodbury, Minnesota
Comments: Im currently living in Minnesota and work for Target Corporation. I currently do Physical & Personal Security consulting for all of our HQ locations and Sr. Executives both US and Internationally. I have been married 6 yrs and have a daughter Jadyn (3). Looking forward to hearing from many of you.
posted on August 1, 2008

Name: Thomas Strong
E-Mail: strongthomas @
Class of: 1989
School: LHS
No faculty or staff - No: Checked
Now Living In: Dublin, Ireland
Comments: I received my Ph.D. from Princeton University in 2004. I am an anthropologist with principal fieldwork (1998-2003) in highland Papua New Guinea; I am presently considering new research in east Africa. For several years I was affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco. From 2006-08, I taught at the University of Helsinki (Finland). Currently, I am in Dublin, Ireland, and teach at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. In July '08 in San Francisco, I was married to Andrew Leavitt, whom I met at Reed College. We will celebrate our 20th anniversary this fall. I bump into Jill Wightman at anthropology meetings (she's one too!) and see Jenny Rogers (Fallesen) sometimes in San Fracisco when I visit.
updated on May 20, 2009

Name: Brian Taylor
E-mail: kyhuskers2 @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Canada
Comments: I am serving as the Dean of Enrollment for Quest University Canada in the heart of the Sea to Sky corridor north of Vancouver.
posted on March 29, 2008

Name: Bob J. Vela
E-Mail: bcplus4 @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Hemingford, Nebraska
Comments: Married to Cindy (Ohlmann) for 17 years. I have four children, Lindsay-17, Blake-16, Cole-13, Felicia-11. Life has been a real ride...loving it.
posted on March 27, 2005

Name: Amber Wind
E-Mail: awind5471 @
Class Of: 1989
Now Living In: Bellevue, NE
Comments: Hello, I have an update.....again! We moved to Bellevue in June 2008, and love it. Nat (class of 86) and I got married in Aug. 2008. We gave 4 kids, Logan is 18 and going to college in Iowa, Tash and Connor are freshman and McKenna is 5. We are looking forward to seeing you all in June.
updated on February 6, 2009

Name: Stephanie (Wood) Aden
E-Mail: stephanieaden @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Gothenburg, NE
Comments: After time in Texas and North Carolina for college and grad school, I have ended up back in Nebraska. I live in Gothenburg with my husband of 11 years, Scott, and our boys Sam (6) and Jack (2). Scott farms and I am the Director of Corporate Communications for Nebraska Plastics.
posted on May 6, 2009

Name: Kevin Ziebell
E-Mail: kevin.ziebell @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Hickman
Comments: Lot of changes going on right now, will let you know what I'm going to do when I grow up in about a year. Been in the insurance industry in some fashion since college. Walked away from a corporate gig to pursue my own agency, until the Army came calling again. I've been in the National Guard for 20 years now and spent one in Kuwait/Iraq. I am now working full time for the military and am heading to Arizona for 5 months to transition to Military Intelligence, guess I'm not done yet. Been married to Shannon (Meyer) for 15 year and have two boys, Chase (10) and Hunter (8).
posted on November 20, 2008

Name: Janice (Zimmerman) Raastad
E-Mail: jlraastad @
Class of: 1989
Now Living In: Grafenwoehr, Germany
Comments: Hello All,
I have been married to Jeff Raastad for 18 years now. We have 2 children, Dylen 15 and Rebecca 12. Jeff has been in the Army for 10 years now and deployed 3 times for a year each to Iraq. He is currently there until December 2009. I am a stay at home mom but have a small photography business so keep busy. We have been many places but wish to be closer to home after this tour. I will miss the reunion this year as we are in Germany but toss me a line to catch up. It will be great to hear from you.
posted on April 6, 2009