Date Posted: 2021-06-21
LHS or St. Ann's High School: LHS
Class Year: 1970
Last Name: Meyer
First Name: Tommy
City, State: Klamath Falls, Oregon

Tommy Meyer

A few years back I started my education with the class 1970, during my Kindergarten year, I attended Bryan, Pershing and Morton Schools. Over the years I would also attend District #25 and later Grand Island High. I never graduated with the class, I quit school and joined the Army where I finished my GED and later received a Degree in Political Science.

I’m now retired having climbed the ranks from Private to Captain. I was a Combat Medic for 10 years, attended an Academy for 1 year and served another 10 years as a Cavalry Officer (M-1 Tanks).

I have traveled the globe from one end to the other, every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

Served in Viet Nam and a couple other hot areas. Since retiring I have worked as a Police Officer, Limo Driver (in DC), Security for a Child Development Center, and worked on a Counter Drug Taskforce for the Pacific Theater. I keep myself busy now with the Freemasons organizations.

I’ve been married to my current wife (Olga) for 17 years now (I think she might keep me). We have 5 kids (4 Girls, 1 Boy), 10 Grandchildren combined. We live in a farm and ranch community in southern Oregon (Klamath Falls) and spend our winters in Texas with our youngest daughter.

We have four family members serving in the military; Youngest Daughter Andy Reserve Engineers, her husband CJ Active Army Drone Pilot, Grandson Ethan Active Army Infantry Soldier Grandson Devon Active Army Drone Pilot.

I read the Clipper every Saturday morning with my coffee and enjoy it very much

Tommy “Doc” Meyer
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603