On behalf of the class of 1985 we would like to recognize our fellow classmate, Kayla Novak. Kayla attended both Pershing and Bryan elementary school. She was taken from this world at an early age during her elementary school years due to a heart condition.
We remember Kayla being a very happy little girl. She always had a smile for everyone. She lit a room like a ray of sunshine. We remember her being very petite and delicate in her build. She loved to play ball with the other classmates and also enjoyed children's games such as jump rope and tag. We will always remember how proud she was of her two new front teeth and how her pretty brown hair cupped her face so perfectly. We fondly remember her wearing dresses often.
Little Kayla left us at a young age and was not there hand in hand with our fellow classmates as we attended sporting events, proms, or when we all so proudly tossed our caps in the air on graduation day. This did not mean that we forgot about her. She was friends with many of us and has always remained with us in spirit and in our hearts throughout the journey of our school years. She is missed but never has been forgotten by us.
Together always in spirit,
Fellow members of the class of 1985