June 2009 Lexington High School Class of 1939 met at Park Avenue Estates for a luncheon and time to reminisce. 

The Class of 1939 was a congenial group and had many happy get-togethers at their reunions through the years. They excelled in many areas from academics, speech and music to athletics. Teachers were ‘no-nonsense’ instructors but got the job done and are remembered and admired even to this day. A few who are remembered are Robbie, Hansie, Soker, Cress, Dills and Holbein.

There were no proms in those days, but lovely banquets and we were home by midnight, instead of staying out all night.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was our President and economic times were so-so and bring back memories. We didn’t appreciate them enough in comparison to now. Bread was cheap; only a dime a loaf and sometimes there were specials of 3 loaves for a dime. Gasoline sold for 3 gallons of gas for a dollar and it would last a week if you didn’t go very far. Actually, we could say they were the ‘good ole days’ and a part of the Grand Generation.

By Evangeline ‘Van’ (Linblade) Kloepping