Class of 1997

C-H Photo - Barb Bierman Batie
Class of 1997 Members of the 10-year class gathered twice over the weekend as part of the Lexington High School Alumni Association activities. Pictured Friday night are, front row from left, Gabriela Carranza, Shannon Duncan, Andrea Deppe, Angie Garcia, Nicole Strange, Sarah Wallace, Angie Ruff and Rena (Clark) Riley; second row from left, Heidi (Yung) Kellerman, Kelly (Anthony) Kinnison, Sara (Long) Shively, Tammy (Brock) Bojorquez, Melissa (Sundquist) Ford, Kye Myers, Tim May, Chris Longly; third row from left, Kylee  (White) Kuecker, Cody Popken, Jeremy Sykes, Corey Anderson, Jeff Linden, Kasi Fagot, Brent Sinsel, Matt Fitzgerald, Mike Schulte, Jessica (Gieswein) Lee, Randy Kelley, Michael Schulte, Tammie (Robinson) Runions, Abby (Thornburg) Brecks, Melissa (Thornburg) Schukar and Jenn Shoup.