Date Posted: 2001-06-15

 Class of 86 color

Courtesy Photo - Barb Bierman Batie
Class of 1986
The Vet's Club Lounge provided the backdrop for renewing friendships and reminiscing for the Class of 1986 during the alumni reunion weekend. Joining in the 20-year reunion were, front row, from left: Kim Crider, John Richman, Lisa Warner, Dave Rowe, Brett Araujo, Tina Farrell and Renee Maloley. Middle row, from left: Rob Martin, Stacy Smith, Wendy Pentz, Wendy Kohl, Todd Moritz, Veronica Schultz, Rachel Brecks, Jennifer Lang, Shonda Jones, Sarah Schultz, Lynnette Malzahn, Mike Jahnke and Nat Derickson. Back row, from left: Andy Duis, Jeff Wightman, Mike Amos, Brent Rose, Jeff Post, Bill Brecks substituting for Bob Harry, Kim Schoeneman substituting for Arian Williams and Becky Roberts, Lynn Hawkins, Jim Flint, Rick Reiners and Curtis Jinks.