Date Posted: 2006-06-17

Courtesy Photo * Barb Bierman Batie 
Members of the Lexington High School and St. Ann's High School Class of 1966 joined forces for a joint reunion June 16-17. *St. Ann's graduates are denoted by an (SA). Celebrating 40 years since their high school graduation during a party Saturday night at St. Ann's Parish Center were, front row from left: Jim Thomas (SA), Denver; Cindy (Morgan) Elwell, Council Bluffs, Iowa; LaVonne (Milbourn) Smith, Rantoul, Ill.; Sharon (Tool) Brandt, Ravensdale, Wash.; Joan (Millikan) Morris, Lexington; Susan (Wright) Williams, Gothenburg; SFC (Ret.) Cynthia A. Brinley, Wichita, Kan.; Lois (Newton) Runion, Phillipsburg, Kan.; Sue Ann (Schrack) Wilson, Kearney; Karen (Smith) McNeff, Palmer, and Linda Blackman, Lexington.
Second row from left: Charlotte (Delap) Buckley, Lexington; Sherene (Wood) Morris, Grand Island; Cheryln Libal, Lexington; Kim Simmons, Bellevue; Doris (Zimmerman) Simmons, Bellevue; Frances Cranmer, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Linda (Purdy) Thompson, Cozad; Marcia (Williamson) Koch, Fairfield, Iowa; Mary Grace (Bean) Hossaini, Lincoln; and Cathy (Margritz) Mavetz (SA), Canton, Ill.
Third row from left: Bob Gonzales (SA), Lexington; David Young, Dallas, Texas; Tom Stuckey, Omaha; Pauline (Matson) Peterson, San Antonio, Texas; Jeannine (Batie) Nelsen, Lyons; Judy (Sellin) Lauby, Lexington; Vicki (Harrop) Woitalewitz, Omaha; Sheryl (Smith) Hunt, Lexington, and Joe Phillips, Elwood.
Fourth row from left: Joe Alvarado (SA), Bellevue; Gary Hilty, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Jim Hanson, Papillion; Tim Marick, Lincoln; Grant Wood, Lincoln; Clif Horn, Lexington; and Galen Morris, Lexington.
Fifth row from left: Don McCandless, Lexington; Fred Nisley, Lexington; Doug Kloepping, Lexington; Dan Cooper, Kearney; Mike Jeffrey (SA), Lexington; Mary (O'Brien) Stearley (SA), Kearney; and Dennis Cumpston, Grand Island.
Sixth row from left: Dennis Hellman (SA), Shelton; Ron Lauby (SA), Lexington; Vic Loose, Lexington; Steve Hutt, Perryville, Ky.; Chuck Daniels, San Diego, Calif.; and Michael Myers, Arvada, Colo.
Seventh row from left: Steve Prasch (SA), Lexington; Dell Wolfe, Gothenburg; Bobby D. White, St. Libory; Larry Quitmeyer, Fort Collins, Colo.; Don Halouska, Littleton, Colo.; and James Bigelow (SA), North Highlands, Calif.
Eighth row from left: Richard Smith, Rantoul, Ill.; Larry Knoedler, Lexington; Rex Hunt, Lexington; Don Higbee, Omaha, and Bob Frerichs, Longwood, Fla.

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