Class of 1976 (from old site)

Name: Eileen (Miller) Wilson
Class Of: 1976
Now Living In: West Plains, Missouri
Comments: Just found this site! How amazing and GREAT WORK! Kudos to those that keep it up!
I'm living in West Plains, MO...about an hour east of Branson, in the Ozarks. Have a beautiful piece of land just outside the town, which is about the same size that Lex was, when we were growing up.
I work in retail pharmacy...and am finally getting the opportunity to cut back on the hours. In my spare time, I am an online advocate and peer councilor for other parents like us! It's extremely rewarding work, and I've met great people online, and we all fly in frequently throughout the year to visit and exchange ideas. The whole family enjoys the trips!
I'm married to Larry (or 'the sarge' depending on how many orders he's giving out) who took early retirement for the Missouri State Patrol, after 35 years. His primary spot of operation had been undercover, downtown Kansas City, MO, in the Division of Drug and Crime Control. You can imagine how happy I am to have home full time. He is 2nd Generation Patrol, and wouldn't allow any of our children to join the force. We both tournament bass fish, and I'm anxious to list that as my real full time job! (still runnin' a Champion boat, with a big ole Evinrude on back).
We are a blended family with SEVEN CHILDREN!! My eldest daughter, Shauna Jeanne, 25, is Washington DC's newest Attorney. She graduated this year, with honors, from Loyola Law in Chicago, and received a Presidential Fellowship that fast tracked her into the Federal Gov't. She was immediately picked up by the FTA (div. of the DOT) and will begin her position as Legal Policy Analyst in August (After, of course, a quick run for the Mexican Border, to celebrate finally being out of school)
#2 Gabe, 20, is in college at MSU in Springfield, and knee deep in the business of the night life. He works with ICON..a premier night club in Springfield, and has changed his major to business management.
#3 Bill...opened a small mechanics shop outside of Fayetteville AR...that turned into a corner lot with 6 bays mechanic...8 bay body shop...and a Tire & Lube. The other two businesses contract off of him, and by age 19, he was incorporated and in the black.
Last but not least, is our 'late in life blessing' miss Molly Kate, who turn six in June...yea yea...I said SIX YEARS OLD! She's been the highlight of the whole family's life, and is teaching all us 'old dogs' new tricks everyday. Since I have forbidden my children to marry or procreate until they are in their 30's, it's worked out well for us!.
Great to see all of the profiles in here! Found the web site on google..was lookin for Fr Jack (heard he's retiring) and Sister Celeste Marie! Congrats Mr. Lucas on YOUR retirement!
posted on August 7, 2006