Class of 1971 (from old site)

Name: M. Catherine Fagot
E:mail: mcatherine89 @
Class Of: 1971
Now Living In: Lexington Nebraska
Comments: Married to Thomas G. Fagot (SA Class of 1970) and have one son, Thomas G. Alexander (yes, he changed the last name--Living outside of Lexington will encourage that!!) Tom is a Dentist here in Lexington and I work at his office, too.
posted on March 29, 2005

Name: John T. Seberger
E-mail: jseberger @
Class Of: 1971
Now Living In: Kansas City area
Comments: I live in Spring Hill a bedroom community Southwest of the Kansas City Metro area. I am married now 33 years and have 4 children, 2 are married, one grandson and a granddaughter due the first of June. I work at Creative Marketing as an annuity sales consultant. I have now been in the insurance business for 30 years. I do travel some for work but mostly am at the office. I am an avid motorcyclist, riding my 2005 Suzuki VStrom. I still belong to the Goldwing Road Riders Association even though I gave up my 1975 vintage Goldwing last year in favor of the VStrom. Feel free to email me.
updated April 29, 2010

Update on March 11, 2021 
Roster of St. Ann's Class of 1971 provided by Mary Hellman Cone

Bliven, Jess - deceased
Brownell, Trish
Conroy, Maynard
Cook, Stella - deceased
Fagot, John
Frost, Harv - deceased
Goracke, Deb
Haines, Deb
Hanson, Sharlyn
Harris, Joe - deceased
Hellman, Mary
Hock, Randy
Huss, Ron
Insfran, Carmen
Kjar, Tom
Lauby, Dave
Lauby, Mary Ellen
Longly, Sharon
McArdle, Kent
Merritt, Steve
Mulhair, Bill - deceased
Munoz, Steve
Peeters, Lisette
Schank, Gail
Schmidt, Cathy
Seberger, John
Stuart, Anne
Zeleski, Tim