Class of 1965 (from old site)

Name: Jim Beran
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: Worked as a Structural Engineer for Union Pacific Railroad for 27 years. Now retired from UP but my wife Jane and I have a Health Food Store and own several commercial properties. Three children and 6th grand child is on the way. The expectant mother is daughter Liz who is a nurse in Tucson AZ. Son Chris works For Union Pacific RR and daughter Emily works in our Health Food Store.
posted on July 24, 2005

Name: Ron Fagot
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lexington, Nebraska
Comments: Hi, I've been married to my wonderful wife Susan since 1974. We have two boys (single). Todd (27), lives in Lincoln just finished his first year of residency in Family Practice. Nathan (22) is a senior at Nebraska Wesleyn University. My wife Susan, a pharmacist, is the manager of U-Save Pharmacy here in Lexington. I've worked at the Canaday Steam Plant for 30 years. We keep busy with our antiques and horses in our spare time.
posted on May 26, 2005

Name: Robert "Bob" Gutierrez
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Kansas City, MO
Comments: I have been in the restaurant business for many years now, and am working at the American Restaurant, a four star, fine dining establishment. My passions in life are my family, especially the great nieces and nephews who bring much joy to my existence. The other is travel, I have been fortunate to see much of the world. I am traveling to India the weekend of the reunion.
posted on July 6, 2005

Name: Daniel T. Hellman
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Westminster, CO
Comments:My residence is in the Denver area where my wife and I moved about 4 years ago. Ruth and I have been married for 35 years. I picked her up in a small farm town in Indiana. We lived in California while I was in the Navy. She wanted to move back to Indiana after my hitch. I wanted to stay inCalifornia. The first great test of our marriage resulted in a compromiseon Colorado. My career has been in sales, marketing and financial management for computer and network products and services companies located either in Colorado or California. I have been able to travel a great deal in my work, much of it internationally. Home has been in the Denver area, Toronto, The San Francisco Bay Area and Seoul, Korea at various times. Ruth and I have 4 wonderful children, all of whom have graduated from college and are launched, more or less. The youngest graduated from Regis University a year ago and is setting sail for places unknown, at least to us. All of the children have far exceeded the standards set by their father in the academic world. (Surprise! Surprise!) One daughter is married and presented us with our 1st grandchild about a year ago. My son is in graduate school in California. My other daughter, a career kindergarten teacher, is getting married in California this month. Against my wishes I am forced to give that priority over the class reunion. Have a great time.
posted on June 13, 2005

Name: Glenn Krings
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Belleuve, Nebraska
Comments: After graduating from St. Ann’s High School I immediately went into the Navy where I spent the next nineteen years, retiring in 1984. While in the Navy I was stationed in Washington, D.C. (twice), London, England, Viet Nam, Hawaii, Adak, Alaska and Omaha, Nebraska (twice). While in the Navy I was trained as a data processing technician and retired as a Senior Chief (E-8). After retiring from the Navy, I went to work for a software contracting company called Sterling Software. I worked with them as a contractor doing software for the Strategic Air Command’s intelligence division. I then went to work for the government as a database administrator in the nuclear warplanning also at Offutt Air Force Base. I then went with another software contractor doing Y2K compliance work for the Union Pacific Railroad. I then went back to work for Sterling Software doing marketing and sales in the deregulated energy arena. While doing the marketing & sales, I also set on the energy regulatory boards for the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. For the last four years I have been substitute teaching in the Papillion and Bellevue, Nebraska school districts. I married Mary Tarmann, who I met during my tour in Hawaii. We have a son, James, who lives in the Omaha area. Overall, it’s been an interesting forty years since graduating and I have no regrets on how my life as turned out. I still enjoy fishing, golf, running and catching up with old classmates.
posted on June 8, 2005

Name: Lorraine Zeleski Curtright
Class Of: 1965
Now Living In: Lincoln NE
Comments: Greetings to the class of 65! I won't be there for the reunion and will miss you all! I am married to Bob, have 4 kids, and 4 grandchildren. We graduated our last baby from high school this year. :) We are going to Florida to visite our son and his 3 little kids, and thus my absence from the reunion. Enjoy your memories of Sister Jean, Mons. P. (shudder) Mr. Gilbert and Heaton, and Hazel (kitchen). And we can't forget our class basketball team. Remember our class motto, "Live to Learn!" It is time to change it to Learn to Live!
posted on June 17, 2005