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Name: Paulette Araujo
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Omaha, Nebraska
Comments: Hello Lexington graduates! I have been living in Omaha Nebraska since I graduated from Kearney State College in 1971 (now the Univ. of Nebraska at Kearney.) I have been working at the University of Nebraska Medical Center for 35 years. Wow, I can't believe it. I work in the Information Technology Dept. and just love it. I am single (never found the right guy) but have lots of family and friends. My parents live in Omaha along with my brother and his family and my sister and her family. Some of my interests are traveling, reading, antiques and I love the Huskers! It was great seeing everyone at the reunion this year.
posted on August 5, 2007

Name: Lynn (Batie) Greer
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Edgar, Nebraska
Comments: It's been fun to read what everyone else has written so will add a few words about myself. I have been married almost 36 years and have lived in the Edgar area since I graduated from UNL in 1971. We farm and moved to the "home" place where John grew up a couple of years ago after remodeling and adding on to the house. What a job, will never do that again! Our two daughters are married and both live in Nebraska so they are not too far away. Anne lives north of Gothenburg and has two daughters, ages 5 and 6, and Sarah lives near Giltner and has two sons, ages 4 and 18 mo. We thoroughly enjoy being grandparents and of course we think they are the cutest and smartest kids around. My passion is quilting and I teach and do programs around the state and am involved in the Nebraska State Quilt Guild. Looking forward to the reunion and plan to study the old yearbook to make sure I can remember and recognize who all was in our class and of course the faces may have changed a bit as we might all look a little different than we did in 1967.
posted on May 23, 2007

Name: Larry E Casteel
Class Of: 1967
Comments: I work at Kessler AFB in Mississippi. I'm not married at this time. I have one daughter and two lovely grand children. I love to hunt and fish and travel around on my Harley. I come back to NE about every other year to deer hunt and to see some of my old classmates. Looking forward to this year's reunion, it will be the first one I've made in 40 years.
posted on May 4, 2007

Name: Karla Delp Milanette
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Westfield, New Jersey
Comments: How do you condense 40 years since leaving dear old LHS into a few sentences? I went to UNL determined to be a teacher. One summer I visited Gary Burhop in Washington D.C. and anyone who went to Bryan remembers Gary and and met his friend, Jeff at the Naval Academy. We married (35 years ago) after I taught one year in a Virginia suburb of D.C. My teaching career was brief since Navy moves didn't coincide with school years. Skipping way ahead to present, I somehow found my way back to education after earning an MBA from Rutgers. As a school administrator, I am responsible for everything except teaching, from busing to facilities and a $100 million budget for a NJ school district and looking forward to retiring on
the Chesapeake Bay someday soon. We have two beautiful daughters. Darcie, an IT specialist, is a project manager for Kraft and Terry (yes, named for Uncle TD), a naval nuclear engineer, is an instructor at USNA in Annapolis. We also have two great sons-in-law, two adorable grandchildren and three golden retrievers. Having lived all over the country, I truly appreciate coming home to Lex and the friends of childhood. It was a wonderful place and time to grow up.
posted on August 5, 2007

Name: Virjean King Foster
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Gothenburg
Comments: Ed and I moved to Gothenburg in 1971. I taught school for 32 years and retired about 3 years ago. Ed is general manager of All-Points Coop. We have two sons, Mark who is 32 and is now living in Gothenburg with his wife and working for the Coop. Aaron 27, and his wife live in Hastings and works for the Agri-Coop. It was great seeing everyone at the reunion and am looking forward to the next get-together.
posted on August 5, 2007

Name: Marilyn Rae Kleint Hueftle
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Lexington, Nebraska 68850
Comments: I have been married 40 years this June 11th. I have been working for the City of Lexington in the Accounts Payable Dept. for 3yrs. Before that I was in Accounts Receivable at Barmore Drug for 14 years. Lynn and I have a daughter Laurie and a son Brian. Laurie and her husband Darin live in Minden and have two girls-Taylor almost 13 years and Amber 8 years. Brian and his wife Staci live in Juniata and have two boys-Devin 9 years and Braden 7 years. I love having them so close. Lynn and I live on 2.34 acres east of Lexington along Buffalo Creek. We love company so stop by any time.
posted on May 4, 2007

Name: John Kugler
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Omaha
Comments: Married since 1970 to Cyndi Koehler Kugler; 2 children Lance 32 married to Traci lives in Omaha with their 4 children 2 of whom are twins; Sara 29 single and lives in New York City. I am a pediatric cardiologist on faculty at both UNMC and CUMC and director of our group at Children's Hospital in Omaha. Cyndi is Dir of Faith Studies at Countryside Community Church.
posted on May 22, 2007

Name: Lois McKee Michals
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Philadephia area
Comments: We have been in the Philadelphia area since November 1999. I am still married to Bob, my husband for 38 years. We have two married daughters and my son Aaron will be married in November. My older daughter has 3 girls, 2 are twins. We come back to Lexington every year for our family reunion on the 4th of July.
posted on May 4, 2007

Name: Roger Olsson
Class Of: 1967
LHSorStAnns: LHS
faculty: no
Now Living In: Mukilteo, WA
Comments: It is T-plus 24 hours since the final social event of the 40th reunion of the Class of 1967 has concluded. Poised to travel Nebraska over the next five days to connect with friends and fraternity brothers, I have had time to ponder the significance of these unique social encounters. I would like to share the following thoughts with you:
(1) The communication among us is without restriction and social barriers. We are in flow with each other, and that emotion is one of the most unique experiences of my life.
(2) We wish this experience to continue on an every five year basis.
(3) Regardless of the current demographic changes in Lexington, this central Nebraska social environment lives unchangeable in our lives.
I thank you one and all for your willingness to share untold high school stories as well as your current life status with us all. I look forward to seeing everyone in 2012. Best personal regards, Roger Olsson.
P.S. Please come see me in Seattle.
posted on June 25, 2007

Name: Patricia (Pat) Owens Wade
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Norfolk, NE
Comments: It was great to see everyone at the reunion in June and I am looking forward to 2012! I retired in May from teaching at the community college in Norfolk and retirement is great!
posted on November 14, 2007

Class Of: 1967
Comments: Hi Classmates, I am still in good ole Lexington, (where else) but I am now out of Jail. You probably remember my nickname jailhouse Jo because we lived in the jail so many years. I am now off parole and have been rehabilitated, Ha Ha. I am director of the Radiology Department at Tri-County hospital and have just completed my 30th year here. I was at the old community hospital for six years. I have three sons, two super grandkids, a wonderful husband for 37 years and a dog with an attitude. I can't wait to see all of you at the reunion, we have a great class.
posted on May 17, 2007

Name: Alice Ellen (Snyder) Screws
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Lexington NE
Comments: Finally dragged my family back to Nebraska from Colorado where we lived for over 20 years. We have three grown kids, James, Daniel and Julie all of whom are close by. I am currently working as Office Manager at 1st Presbyterian Church in Lexington.
posted on February 7, 2006

Name: Janet (Sorensen) Kugler
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Holdrege, NE
Comments: Married for 35 years to Dennis Kugler. Started and still own Quilter's Delight in downtown Holdrege. This fabric store is geared toward the quilters.
posted on June 17, 2005

Name: Jim Stevens
ClassOf: 1967
Now Living In: Greenwood Village, Colorado
Comments: Hi classmates. I've been looking forward to the reunion since the last one. Since 1972 my wife, her sister, and I have been partners in a retail clothing business in Colorado. We have a store called the Garment District in Denver and in Fort Collins. My wife Linda was from Gothenburg and we have been married 39 years this summer. We have two boys. Perry is 32 and has completed a residency in Radiology in Chicago. Quinn is 27 and married with a daughter of 1 1/2 years. He has completed medical school and is ready to begin the stage of internship and residency. They live in Denver so the grandchild is a great source of pleasure. I look for more time to enjoy backpacking and canoeing in the future. While the kids were growing up there was plenty of that with the Boy Scouts but now that they have flown the nest I need to get out there more on my own. I hope every 1967 alum has the opportunity to be at the reunion to reconnect. If I don't see you there, stop into the store in Denver sometime.
posted on May 7, 2007

Name: Carl West
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: Lexington, Nebr
Comments: No such thing as a retired handy man, but that pretty much covers it. Now I'm following my inner self, I write music, and play the guitar, have 2 albums in the works and another on the way, I hope the good lord will let me get them out to the general public in a timely fashion, and that they are enjoyed by others. Have a daughter and son, have 4 grand children, 2 of which are twins, all boys, and who knows if there will be more. I am truly blessed. And I am a Veteran. And do volunteer work when asked if I can.
posted on August 6, 2007

Name: Sheila Wheeler
Class Of: 1967
Now Living In: lexington ohio
posted on August 26, 2007

Name: Nancy Keller ( Wolfe )
Now Living In: Casper, WY
E-mail: NancyKeller64 @
posted on June 9, 2014