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Name: Lisa Marie Bussanich Murcer
E-mail: JMurcer @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: Colorado Springs, CO
Comments: For our 30th reunion. It had become apparent when my sisters class sent out notices, I was lost again. So, all of you trying to reach me. Here I am and have plenty to share with my classmates and Senior class mates. You know who you are? Let's keep in touch. PS. You can even reach me by Phone (719) 268-2948, in Colorado Springs. Again the accurate spelling of my last name is MURCER. Much easier than BUSSANICH. Looking forward to hearing from you. Nancy, let me know what has been going on with you and your beautiful family?
Lisa Murcer - Class of 78
posted on April 10, 2008

Name: Sue (Geu) Margritz
E-mail: psmargritz @
Class Of: 1978
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: I have been married to Pat for 20 years. We have 2 children. Keli is a senior at Lexington. She is involved in speech, drama and band. Daniel is a freshman at LHS and is our sports fanatic. He enjoys playing all sports. After graduation I worked at Maloley's IGA, Mutchies at Johnson Lake and then at Goodrich (Ice cream store) and was the manager there for 8 years. I am now an Avon representative (11 years) and a "domestic engineer". We farm east of Lexington so I get in on some of the gophering for the guys. We volunteer at the school with the kids activities.
posted on March 31, 2005

Name: Paul Kaufman
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: Morristown AZ
Comments: After High School I attended UNL and received a BS in business. I worked 13 years at Dorsey/Sandoz/Novartis in the Purchasing Department. After that I worked 6 years at Southeast Community College, also in Purchasing. After that we moved to southeast Missouri where I built and ran a cabinet shop for 3-1/2 years. After that we moved to Farmington NM where I worked for a Christian publisher in typesetting, graphic design and digital photography. After 2 years in Farmington we moved to the Wickenburg AZ area where I started and run a tree service company that is keeping me very busy. I married Karla Kempf from South Dakota in 1984. We have two children - Daniel age 10 and Hannah age 8. Most of our activities revolve around church and home.
posted on February 20, 2008

Name: Steve Luther
E-mail: sluther @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: Lexington Nebraska
Comments: After graduation I went to UNL. After college graduation, I went to work for Lextron Animal Health to sell Vet supplies in Lexington Nebr. Have worked for them for 26 years. In January of 1983 I married Allison Calder and we had 2 daughters: Leah (1986) Caitlyn (1988). Currently Leah is a junior @ Doane and Caitlyn is a freshman @ Doane.
posted on February 24, 2008

Name: Rhonda Kay (Malcom) Nelson
E-mail: rnelson @
Class Of: 1978
Now Living In: Kansas
Comments: After graduation, I attended Kearney State College, that is now known as UNK. I received a BA in education and taught for 5 years in Nebraska at District #15. I married and moved to Kansas to teach and raise 3 kids. We first lived in Belleville, Kansas, then I lived in Junction City for a number of years before moving to Chapman, Kansas where I currently teach at the middle school level Social Studies. I am also a 7th grade girls basketball coach. It is a challenge but fun. I was married in 1984 and have had three boys, Scott 20 yr old, Steven 18 years old and Nathan 10 year old. My oldest is getting married on July 14 this summer and my second boy will leave for college to attend WSU soon. Then I will be kept young only by chasing my 10 year old around. I golf every Tuesday and play bunco on Mondays in the summer and keep busy with school and athletic events. Hope to see people next summer for our reunion year.
posted on July 6, 2007

Name: Jean Masten Holbrook
E-Mail: jholbrook @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: South Sioux City, NE
posted on June 18, 2008

Name: Sharon (McCandless) Gerken
E-mail: sgerken @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: Goddard, Kansas
Comments: Married to Michael Gerken (class of 1976). We have two children: Christian 22 is a junior at WSU (Wichita State University) and Cassie 20 is a junior at KU (Kansas University at Lawrence). I work at Eisenhower Middle School in Goddard as the Registrar for 7th and 8th grade. I have worked for the school district for 11 years. Our hobbies are youth ministries, golfing, gardening, camping, water sports, traveling, and occasionally working around the house!
updated February 24, 2008

Name: Shane R McKnight
E-mail: irishbornheart @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: lincoln nebr.
posted on April 29, 2008

Name: leann millican
E-Mail: steveair2 @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: texas
Comments: hey guys (sorry in texas hey yall) i am so glad to see all of yall on the site well here i am the red headed funny woman graduated from york christian college moved to texas briefly lost my father lost my brother my mother came to live with me i found the best man in the world and girls he is absolutely flawless now i am going to marry due to cancer a few years back i knew children weren't in my picture but my life is so rich. i will come up to visit my bro mike and i am so proud that 78 is doing great.
posted on August 1, 2008

Name: Chani Owens Baumann
E-Mail: gbaumann @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: Omaha
posted on May 21, 2008

Name: Dan Parks
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: Maryland
Comments: I attended UNO after graduation and then went on to CU-Boulder for graduate school. I worked in the Physics Department at Kansas State for a couple of years and then at the National Institute of Standards and Technology In Gaithersburg, MD. Since 2000 I have been working at Lockheed Martin in Rockville, MD. Married Theresa in 1995. We have a son Joel (1998). He keeps busy with scouting and karate. I try to keep up as Den Leader and then work in some time bicycling or hiking.
posted on March 2, 2008

Name: Terry Phillips Duffy
E-mail: terrydduffy @
Class of: 2007
Now Living In: Estero, Florida
posted on April 10, 2008

Name: Maggie (Margie Rios) Cain
E-mail: autumm88 @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: Texarkana AR
Comments: Wow its our 30th reunion, can't believe that. Well I'm living in Texarkana Ar. or Texas which ever you want I say Texas. One minute your in Texas next in Arkansas. Anyways I moved to Texas about 8 yrs ago and I love it. I've been married to my husband Larry for about 2 1/2 yrs. He's my soul mate and my best friend, I can really say I'm truly happy. I have a two stepsons. David who is 16 with my second husband. Yes I've been married three times. They do say the third times a charm - hahaha. And we have Luke who is 7 going on 20. I'm a General Manager for a Mexican Restaurant. Been with them for about 2 to 3 yrs off and on. I love living here in Texarkana it is growing BIGTIME. I don't really do much since my work keeps me pretty busy. I'm still a HUGE HUSKER FAN - even though I get a lot of crap from them Texans. But oh well. Well I hope to see everyone there. God Bless you all.
posted on April 16, 2008

Name: Gini Roberts Germany
E-mail: ggermany3 @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: Las Vegas, NV
Comments: Although I left Lexington just before my Jr. year (1976) my heart will always be with those I grew up with. Thank you for inviting me to the reunion this June. I have a tentative business trip booked for that weekend so will miss seeing many "old" friends.
So, let's cut to the chase: Moved to Colorado Springs in 1976 where I graduated from Cheyenne Mountain HS. Went on to graduate from Colorado State in 1982 with a B.S. in Horticulture. Moved to Tucson after college and worked in my field of study for exactly one year before I switched careers and became a travel agent. Moved to San Francisco in 1985 to work for Royal Viking Cruise Line for 3 years, then for Seabourn Cruise Line until 1999. After Seabourn moved to Miami, I became an independent professional tour director and have been on the move ever since. I travel to some amazing destinations and get paid for it! Just returned from 3 weeks in Australia and Tasmania.
Married Burlin Germany (no, I'm not kidding - that's really his name) on 10/10/2001. I have a wonderful stepson, Burlin, Jr. and an even more wonderful grandson, Tre, age 6. Both live with us in Vegas. My husband does anything with the word "baseball" in it: coaches at Arbor View HS near our home, gives batting lessons, sells baseball bats to all levels of players including the pros, scouts for the LA Dodgers, and even still plays in tournaments across the U.S. He played with the Royals and the Cardinals organizations back when I was going to school with all of you.
I try to get back to NE once a year to visit family. I loved my formative years in Lexington and wouldn't trade them for the world. It was great growing up on the farm/feedlot and I hope this 30th year reunion rekindles some long lost friendships. Peace, Gini
posted on May 6, 2008

Name: Terri (Snyder) Casper
E-mail: terrilcasper @
Class Of: 1978
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: After graduation, I attended Kearney State College, receiving my BA in education. Although I had never planned to return to Lexington, I was offered a teaching position at District 15, which is located on the back roads to the lake, so back I came and here I remain. Since teaching at Dist. 15, I have had numerous jobs in varying nature. Currently, I am employed by the Lexington Public Schools as a substitute teacher.
In 1985, I married Craig Casper (class of '77) and we have three boys. This coming school year, Curt will be a junior, Eric will be a sophomore, and Blake will enter second grade. All three boys are very musical and compete in varying athletics. Needless to say, with three of them being "over involved", our social calendar is filled with concerts and athletic events.
My activities and hobbies include: spending time with family and friends, reading, playing cards, scrapbooking, cross stitching, scout leader, Sunday school teacher, TEAMMATE mentor, baseball coach, and membership in various other church and community groups.
Lexington has changed tremendously since we were kids. Joy comes from seeing people around town that I have known since I was a kid and in doing things with my kids that I remember doing when I was young. It has been a wonderful community to raise our family. We have been truly blessed!
posted on June 18, 2005

Name: Sonia Sue (Wade) Howard
E-mail: showard @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
posted on February 24, 2008

Name: Tepricia (Wheeler) Reeder
E-mail: tepreeder @
Class Of: 1978
Now Living In: Seward, NE
Comments: Married Louis in December 1992. Our son was born in September of 1993. T.C.-1982, Drew-1984 and Kira-1987 from my first marriage to Tom Anthony (1979). Louis is a research scientist for Syngeta Seeds and I am now a lunch lady at Seward Middle School...that's no nights, weekends or summers! T.C. is a Doane graduate, Drew is at Arizona State until spring 2007, Kira is planning to attend Doane the fall of 2006 and Evan is a 6th grader, at my school, this year. We became Godparents to the Freshman class from our church this year. This is a four year commitment and is already proving to be quite an eye opener!
posted on December 13, 2005

Name: Mark Allen Woodside
E-mail: mawoodside @
Class Of: 1978
Now Living In: Kearney, NE
Comments: After graduation, I worked for Sperry New Holland until their first layoff. I worked for Baldwin's Mfg for a year and a half then transferred back to Sperry. As you all know that proved to be a mistake. The doors closed and I was out of a job. I enrolled at KSC and worked in Broken Bow while attending college.
Going to school for 15 hours/week and working night shift was taking its toll, so I joined the Navy and after "A" school moved to Washington DC. I was attached to the Hospital Ship Comfort and assigned to Bethesda Naval Hospital. When Desert Shield/Storm started up I went with the Comfort to Bahrain.
While onboard I designed the database and kept records on over 1235 personnel. I worked 24/7 on the ship, but as if I could go anywhere else anyway. I received a Navy Commendation Medal for my efforts aboard the Comfort and also while stationed at the Naval Hospital.
I received orders in 1993 to transfer to a Seabee Unit in Gulfport, Ms and went over to Rota, Spain. After a year with the Seabees, I had to get out of the Navy because of Parental Hardship. I had custody of my kids after my divorce and could not be deployed. So I moved back to Nebraska in April of 1994. In 1998 I started working for the City of Kearney as a Computer Technician until February of this year. Currently I am self-employed and fixing computers.
I have been married twice and divorced just as many times. Funny how that goes!!! Anyway I have 4 kids from the two marriages. 3 from my 1st and one from my second. Travys is my oldest and graduated UNK and works for Chief Industries as the International Sales Manager for Easterrn Europe and Russia. Talia, my oldest daughter is currently in the Navy and has just returned from Iraq. Amy, the youngest from my 1st marriage has a daughter and lives in Eustis. Brianna my youngest goes to school in Kearney.
Now you know about the boring life of myself. Feel free to email me!
updated on March 11, 2008

Name: nancy workman slack
E-mail: fasterboat @
Class of: 1978
Now Living In: gothenburg, ne
Comments: I have lived here for 13 years and work for the school cafeteria and the city rec in the summertime. I have been married for 12 years and we have one son, Roy he is 12 and keeps us very busy with all his projects.
posted on March 29, 2008