From old website:

Name: Nancy (Anderson) Norwood

E-Mail: nancynorwood @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Kearney, NE
Comments: After graduating I went to Kearney State College where I played on the tennis team for 3 years and graduated in 1984 with a degree in Office Administration. I have worked in the Math Dept. at KSC, the County Superintendent of Schools, and my husband's real estate company in Kearney where I have been for the past 16 years. I have been married for 26 years and we have 3 children. TJ, 24, runs our construction company in Kearney, Danny, 23, who is graduating this May from Iowa State with a degree in mechanical engineering, and Kristin, 21, who is also graduating in May but from UNL with a degree in Animal Science. Hopefully they will both have jobs or else our empty nest (which by the way is great!) may not be empty anymore. As our kids were growing up they kept us constantly on the move with all their sporting activities. Since they graduated from high school, Tim and I have enjoyed traveling, biking, Husker football and our 2 yellow labs.
posted on May 26, 2010

Name: Curt Bennett
E-Mail: csbennett @ or lexsignpro @
Class Of: 1980
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: OK, technically, I am not a graduate of LHS. Even so, my roots are in Lexington going back to kindergarten. I left town in eighth grade, headed for Ravenna. After two years as a Bluejay, I spent three years as a Hastings Tiger (at least I was still Orange and Black!). Graduated from Hastings College in 1984 and UNL in 1986 with and MBA. Have been back in the area since 1988. Married Susan (Malone) Humston in 1994 and adopted her two boys, Adam and Jared in 1996. Our daughter, Taylor, was born in 1996. I have managed, and now own, Sign Pro in Lexington since 1995. Susan has 15 years experience as an elementary teacher and is currently the Manager of the Lexington Chamber of Commerce.
posted on June 17, 2005

Name: Marnie Cronkhite Carr
E-Mail: mcarr @
Class of: 2008
Now Living In: Overton NE
Comments: I graduated from Kearney State College in 1984 with BS in Business Administration/Accounting. Three months later I started employment with Dept of Health and Human Services, and have been there ever since, a short 25 years. Whoever would have thought someone with an accounting degree would be a social worker - hated those classes in high school, even though Mr. Davis tried his best to make them interesting. Three weeks after I started my job, I married Tim Carr, from Overton. We have one son, Drew, who is a freshman at Nebraska Wesleyan. Hobbies include watching Drew in anything he participates in - as he was very active in high school and now plays football for NE Wesleyan, scrapbooking, reading, yard work, and some crafts.
It has been fun reading up on everyone – and hope to see as many of you that can make it back for the weekend!
posted on March 31, 2010

Name: Sandie (Esslinger) Anderson
E-Mail: RVA2225 @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: It's hard to believe 30 years have passed so quickly. After graduation I worked at several jobs in the area. I was divorced in 1989. I was remarried in 1995 to a wonderful man named Bob. We have no children by choice. Our time is spent helping the older people that grace our lives. Bob retired after 30 years in the military and from Becton Dickenson in 2009. I worked in the Laboratory at Tri-County Hospital for 13 years. I also became unemployed by choice in 2009. We are starting to enjoy retirement at an early age. Husker football is a very important event in our lives. I also attend the Daytona 500 annually, so racing is stll in my blood. Life is very good!!! Hope to see everyone in June.
posted on May 26, 2010

Name: DeeDee Debban
E-Mail: ddebban1962 @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Kearney
Comments: After graduation I went Kearney State, (UNK) for one year. I loved Kearney so much that I have been here since. I have been working at UPS for 21 years as a driver. And have met some very interesting people along the way. I have never been married and I have no children. I on the other hand have 2 beautiful nieces from Brenda. My little sister Kandee has 2 handome boys who I just adore. I always tell people the only children I have are my dogs. I have boxers and love the silly way they are reminds me of how I was in high school. My folks still live in Lexington so I am there alot helping them if they need it. I really still enjoy the outside. I enjoy landscaping, flowers, and just enjoy the company of good friends and family. I have been blessed. Still go by the name DeeDee still hate to be called Denise.
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Martie Estrada (Aka. Martha)
E-Mail: martie_estrada @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Glendale, Arizona
Comments: I love this Website! Where should I begin. The first couple years after graduation, I bounced back and forth from Lexington to Pueblo, Colorado. In 1983 I enrolled at Hastings Community College, where I studied Business Management. My final departure from Nebraska was in 1984, when I moved to Phoenix. I enrolled at European Culture College, and got my Cosmetology License, in 1985. I worked in salons for 10 years, and then retired my scissors. I took a year off (95), and from 96-98, I worked in the Corporate Office at Dillards, in the Research Department. The company moved to Gilbert, which was too far to commute everyday. In 98, I took on a job at Chrysler, where I am still employed, in the Parts Department, and I love it! Now to back up a bit: I've never been married, but am engaged to long time boyfriend/Fiance, Greg. He is also the Assistant Manager of our Department, and although he's a Phoenician; he is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan. We plan to marry in October of 2007. Between the two of us, we have 4 kids; Solelil, is my oldest, she is 20. She keeps herself real busy with her jobs, she's a hostess, a bartender, a model & has been with Victoria's Secret for 2 years. Someday she hopes to be a successful photographer and would like to travel. I'm just hoping someday I see her on the front cover of my favorite magazine, Cosmo!) Next is Jared, (Greg's Oldest) He is 17, a Junior in High School, so far he's taken an interest In Becoming An Architect. He also works with us in the Parts Department, after school. Myles Jordan is 8, 3rd Grader, loves Creepy Crawly Things, & is infatuated with Dinosaurs...Last (and she is the last!) is Hannah Rae, she is 1 1/2, and already has a shoe fetish! Even though it's usually crazy on a daily basis, I wouldn't change one thing...
posted on November 20, 2005

Name: Kurt Gauger
E-Mail: kurt_gauger @
Class Of: 1980
Now Living In: Charlotte, NC
Comments: Graduated from UNL with a degree in business and later earned a masters in accounting from Univ. Tx at Arlington. I have been working for Bank of America for 22 years, 12 in Tx and the last 10 in Charlotte, NC. I have been married for 20 years to Sarah Biehl. Current hobbies include golfing, hiking, woodworking, playing with our dogs, and shopping at
posted on August 26, 2007

Name: Laurie (Glen) Mikel
E-Mail: lauriemikel @
Class Of: 1980
Now Living In: Phoenix, Arizona
Comments: After graduation, I continued to live in Lexington and furthered my education at the Blue Lounge, where no college degree was offered. In 1986, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona. I've spent the last 18 years working for Allstate Insurance Company. I'm currently an Agent Technology Consultant but have held various positions throughout the company. I've been married 15 years to Paul and we have one daughter, Katelyn, who is 12. She keeps me busy doing the "mom stuff". Quilting has become my "when I get older" hobby.
posted on February 11, 2007

Name: Terry Gullion
E-Mail: terrygullion @
Class Of: 1980
Now Living In: Lexington, Nebraska
Comments: Have stayed around Lexington for most of the time. I joined the Army in 1980 as a Military Policeman. I took a Hardship Discharge after my mother passed. I started doing mechanical work working for J & S Oil and then on to Platte Valley Auto Mart. During that time I married my beautiful wife Nancy in 1981. Worked at the Sheriff's Office for awhile and then on to IBP. After leaving IBP I went to work for Cozad Services which I have been there 16 years as of this printing. I was active in the Lexington Fire Dept; for 19 yrs, and Have been with the American Cancer Society as Memoral Chairman and Treasurer. I also am Training Center Faculty with Central Community College where I teach CPR and First Aid. Nancy and my self have two daughters Stacey and Lindsey. The both have sons Carter 7 and Miles 4. Last year I was the Vice President of the Alumni Assoc; and this year I took the reins as President. So far I'm enjoying every moment.
updated on January 29, 2012

Name: Alan Gunnerson
E-Mail: alan.gunnerson @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Yorktown, VA
Comments: I am married to a wonderful lady, Myong for 20 years and we have two children, Jessica currently a junior at Nebraska-Lincoln, and David, a junior at Grafton High School. I graduated from Kearney State in 1984 and went the Army and completed two Masters programs from the University of Dallas. I retired from the Army after 25 years and call Yorktown, Virginia home for the past 8 years. I spend my free time with my family as much as possible.
posted on December 11, 2008

Name: Mari (Hock) Arnold
E-Mail: Marnold14 @
Class Of: 1980
Now Living In: Phoenix, Arizona
Comments: Received associate degree in accounting from Grand Island School of Business in 1983. Moved to Omaha and lived there for 5 years. Worked for 7-11 area licensee in accounting dept. Moved to Phoenix in 1988. Worked for various law firms in the Phoenix area in accounting. Now working for Safeway Corp. office in accounting. I have 2 boys 11 and 5. They are involved in sports. Married for 12 years, but recently divorced. I enjoy spending time with my children, art festivals, going to concerts, movies.
posted on April 8, 2005

Name: Jay Hood
E-Mail: jhood @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Fort Collins, CO
Comments: After graduation I attended Southeast Community College in Milford, NE (with a brief stint at UNL) and graduated with an Associates Degree in Architecture (Drafting) in December of 1982. Upon graduation from college I was employed by Paxton and Veirling Steel in Omaha and thus began my 27 year career in the steel fabrication industry.
1982 also brought my first marriage out of which we had two fantastic boys (I am not proud of anything), Cody who is now 26 and completing his graduate degree at Arizona State in Business and Zachary who is now 23 and graduated from Midland Lutheran College where he played football and earned his Accounting Degree. He just informed me that he is moving to Austin, Texas.
1984 brought a new employer and a new location, Greeley, CO Where we stayed until 1986 which took us to another new employer in Chandler, AZ. 1988 brought an end to my first marriage. In 1990 I remarried (what was I thinking?) and that brought two more boys into the family, Drew and Danny. In 1992 I was getting the itch to move back to the Midwest (better schools, better way of life I thought), so I found a new employer in Des Moines, IA and it was off to Iowa. We lived in a small town, Guthrie Center which was about 50 miles west of Des Moines and remained there until 1998 when I found out that my job was being transferred to Houston, TX, so in July of 1998 it was off to Texas where we remained until I got a call from a couple of guys that I had worked with in Texas and Iowa and they said I needed to come look at this job opportunity in Colorado which I did and accepted, so in September of 2006 I relocated to Fort Collins, CO.
2007 also brought an end to my second marriage (I am thinking I was meant to be a bachelor. I wonder if they have one of those reality shows for someone my age?, sorry for my digression).
In a nutshell, as of now (2010), I have lived in many wonderful places, got some fantastic kids, got a great job and I am single (3 out of 4 ain't bad). I work hard, play hard and try to get the most out of these wonderful days that the good Lord gives us.
Hope to see many of you at the (dare I say it) 30 year (ouch) reunion.
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Mori (Leininger) Gordon
E-Mail: tgandmg @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: I've been in Lexington the past 26 years with my husband of 27 years, Tracy Gordon. We have 3 children, Zach age 24, Morissa age 22 & her husband, Chaney Chee, my grandson, Zacoby who was born 1/04/2010. Jacob age 20. I have been working at Barmore Drug Store for the past 6 years.(it isn't the same Barmores as you all may remember.) I love working 3 days a week using my creative abilities to decorate the store and the rest of my time to spend with my family and friends. God has been incredibly gracious in allowing my children and grandchild to live here in Lex. where I can see them daily. I enjoy the slow pace of my life to really enjoy the simple things.
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Larry Luther
E-Mail: ldluther62 @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: Ann Hawks & I have been married since July, 1984 (25 Years) seems like yesterday. We have 2 children. Alexis will graduate from UNK (Kearney State for you old timers) in May and has hopes of going on to Law School. Aaron is a Junior a LHS and hopes to graduate next year if everything goes according to plan. I have worked at Fairbanks International since April of 1987 and enjoy the day to day interaction with all of the customers. Ann & I enjoy watching Aaron compete in his High School Activities and all of the other athletes compete in theirs. Started to play a little more golf this last year and I am looking forward to playing a little more this coming summer also. Ann is still the Community Activities Director for the City of Lexington which I enjoy volunteering whenever she needs help.
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Monte Maloley
E-Mail: monte.maloley @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Omaha
Comments: I have been living in Omaha NE and working for Mutual of Omaha for 25+ years. I work in the Information Technology field for systems/infrastructure and recently just took over the team of 25. I really enjoy learning the new technology that comes around each year.
I have been married to Kami (Stewart) for 20 years and we have 3 great kids. Kaylan is a Jr., Nate is a freshman and Stewart is a 5th grader. The two oldest are at Westside High School and the youngest at Loveland elementary. Like all of you know, chasing the kids and their activities is plenty to keep you busy. If that isn't enough, Kami volunteers for just about every activity going on at the school and then calls on me for help when she needs it. Together we are Presidents of the Westside Athletic Club (equivalent to the booster club).
Kami's parents moved to Omaha a few years back and my parents have passed away. We still enjoy boating, camping, attending athletic events at Westside and all of our kids' activities. Can't wait to see everyone this summer.
posted on March 16, 2010

Name: Linda (Marquardt) Hollibaugh
E-Mail: l_hollibaugh @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Wilber, NE
Comments: After graduating from LHS, I married Lloyd Hollibugh and moved to California where we had our first daughter, Mindy (now 25). Mindy is graduating with her Masters in Elementary Education and we are excited to be planning her June 2011 wedding.
We moved back to Nebraska in 1987 and had our second daughter, Tiffany, who is now 22 and is just graduating from UNMC's Nursing Program this May.
I'm working for Union Bank & Trust Company in the Item Processing/Research Department in Lincoln. Lloyd works for the county and enjoys riding his motorcycle and taking on any car project he gets his hands on.
We've been married for 30 wonderful years and enjoy camping and spending time with our girls.
posted on March 31, 2010

Name: Sherry McGinnis
E-Mail: neb_irish_rose40 @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Lexington, Ne
Comments: Hello everyone! Another 10 years have come and gone. Since the last reunion, I have 4 grandchildren. They are my joy. I'm still living in the same house that I grew up in. Life is good. In the last 5 years I have been with my first love and we are very happy. It took us 27 years to find one another. My children are all doing well. Hope all of you are doing fine.
posted on May 26, 2010

Name: Phil Morrison
E-Mail: phil.morrison @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: South Carolina
Comments: What can I say - I'm living the dream. I have been serving our country since October of '80, and plan to drop my retirement in December '09 to retire Jan. 1 of 2011, 30 yrs is enough, and believe me, I am definitely not 18 anymore! I have a BA in Business Technology from Liberty, and Masters in Human Resources from Belmont College in TX. My wife Deb Saulsbury and I will be married 19 years on the 1st of September. We have 5 children, Andrea, Jo, and James Frank, and Emily and Matthew Morrison. We have 5 grandsons; the Fab 5 are Robert - 8, Caleb -4, Joshua-2, Quinton 2, and Benjamin.- 13 months. I am currently the Senior Writer/Course Developer at the US Army Soldier Support Institute at Fort Jackson, SC "Victory Starts Here". I enjoy deep-sea fishing, shrimping, going back to Nebraska to hunt deer and pheasants, and just staying home relaxing, and enjoying my family and grandsons. Will retire here in SC, but do hope, that I can make it back for the 30 year reunion. If I can't see ya all in person, then know, I do pray for your good health, continual safety, and peace.
posted on June 12, 2009

Name: Mike Neben
E-Mail: mneben @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: Upon graduation from LHS, I went to Concordia University and played football and baseball. I graduated from Concordia with a BS in education. Spent 5 years teaching and coaching in Phoenix, AZ then moved back to NE and entered into the Financial Services business. I have had my own insurance/investment practice for the past 20 years. I have been married to Robyn (Mohr) for 25 very happy years. Robyn has been a stay at home mom ever since we moved back to NE. We have three children: Blake (23) is in business with me, Seth (20) is studying actuarial sciences at the University of NE and Lauren (13) who is in the 8th Grade at Scott Middle School.
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Sheryl Neyens Allen
E-Mail: sheryl.a.allen @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Nebraska City
Comments: I know that everyone thinks the same thing, but I can't believe it's been 30 years since I graduated from LHS!!
Following graduation, I attended UNL and acquired a bachelor's degree in Language Arts. I also became a certified Jazzercise Instructor. For the next ten years, I taught both high school English and Jazzercise classes. After baby #2 was born, I decided to quit both those things and just stay home and raise my children.
When my youngest was three, I returned to UNL and received my Master's Degree in British Literature, and I subsequently returned to teaching. I am also an independent consultant for a health and wellness company called Arbonne.
My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in the summer of 2009 with a Caribbean cruise. Our oldest son is an engineering major at UNL. Our two middle boys are in high school, and our daughter is in 6th grade.
We moved off the farm in the spring of '08 and now live in Nebraska City, just one block from the private Catholic school that I teach at and the children attend. My husband hopes that we'll move back to the farm after our youngest graduates, but I'm really enjoying "city life," and so that decision is still "up in the air."
For now, life is good, and I'm looking forward to seeing my old classmates in Lexington in June!! My parents moved from Lexington years ago, and so the only times I've been back to Lex have been for potty breaks on the way west when our family has traveled I-80 to Colorado for snow skiing!
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Sherry (Ramsey) Ward
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Missouri Valley IA
Comments: I have been in banking for 24 years now, and currently Vice President of loan operations. I have been happily married to Tim for 18 years. We farmed and fed cattle until 2 years ago when we decided to slow down and enjoy life more. We raised 4 children who are all grown now, and most are married. We are proud of all of them and what each has become. We have 3 grand children and one more on the way. We're also very active in our church and enjoy quiet evenings with friends and family. (and cruises when we can get away!) Its been fun reading and catching up with everyone.
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Peggy Rieker Volzke
E-Mail: pegvolzke @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Juniata, NE
Comments: God has been so good to me over the years, Yes Mr. Wisdom, I am still married to the same wonderful guy, Greg Volzke. We will celebrate our 30th anniversary in April. The Lord has blessed us with 4 children, Joelle (24) a stay at home mom, who has given us our 1st granddaughter Hali Sue, who is 6 months old today, Evan(22) a student at UNK studying Athletic Training, Ethan(20) a student at Concordia University, Seward, studying DCE/Psychology and Lauren (17) a junior at Kenesaw High School.
Greg & I have served my home congregation, First Lutheran Buffalo for 12 years, St. John's Burwell for 11 years and now we are currently serving Christ Lutheran in rural Juniata. After high school I went to Floral school in Denver and worked for 4 years at Hohlen Floral before starting our family. I helped to start a preschool at our church in Burwell and am currently teaching preschool 2 days a week at our church's school and leading a Women's Bible study as well as volunteering in various aspects of our ministry here.
It is amazing how God brings it all back around. Recently He brought Scott Kitzing's older sister, Michelle to our school, as she is serving as our Kindergarten/1st grade teacher at our school. It has been fun reconnecting with Scott's family.
It is amazing how fast time as gone.
posted on March 31, 2010

Name: Lorinda G. (Sage) Lauby
E-Mail: lauby143 @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Lexington NE
Comments: After graduating I attended Kearney State College 1980-1981 and then the Grand Island School of Business 1981-1983 where I earned an Associates Degree in Travel & Tourism/Executive Secretary. I lived and worked in Grand Island for 9 years and moved back to Lexington, married, had a little girl Baylee in 1992, divorced in 1994. I remarried in 1995 to Philip Lauby, who I am still married to and we had a son Brody in 1996 and a daughter Brylee in 1999. Since back in Lexington I worked for the Lexington Chamber of Commerce for 9 years and I am currently employed at Dr Remmenga DDS where I have worked for 10 years now.
posted on August 2, 2009

Name: Scott Schoneman
E-Mail: sschonem @
ClassOf: 1980
NowLivingIn: Holdrege, NE
Comments: I am the Activities Director at Holdrege High School. I have been in education since 1985. This is my 21st year in the Holdrege School District. My oldest son Caleb, 20, is a sophomore at UNL. Caleb is in the Nebraska Air Guard. Alex and Jerod, 17, are Juniors at Holdrege High School. My wife Angie and I have been married for 23 years.
updated on March 15, 2010

Name: Sarah (Weber) Husted
E-Mail: dhusted @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Pelican Rapids, MN
Comments: Hello everyone! I've enjoyed seeing where people have landed...can you believe it's been this long! We live in Pelican Rapids, MN (approx. 45 mins east of Fargo, ND). My husband, Dan, is a vice-president at Lake Region Electric an electric cooperative here. As for me, I left broadcasting when the girls were little. (Not a family friendly career.) I have been a lunchlady for some years now...okay, the hair net jokes can stop now, ha! It's a good gig with the schedule that allows us to get to games, etc. our girls are involved in. Liz is 16 and Kenzie is 14. They both love school and are involved in volleyball, dance, golf and band. We just have a ball chasing them around. Dan and I have been married for 20+ years. Our family gets back to Lex 3 or 4 times a year. Sure wish we were closer, but love our life here. Should anybody decide to visit our lakes let us know...would love to see you!
Sarah (Weber) Husted
posted on May 26, 2010

Name: Marcia Steinkruger Wragge
E-Mail: gmwragge @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Omaha
Comments: After moving back to Grand Island in March 1979, I graduated from Grand Island Sr. High a semester early & attended Kearney State College. There, I met my husband, Glen Wragge from Pierce, NE. I graduated from KSC in May 1984. Glen & I were married that same month & have been married 26 yrs. now. We moved to Omaha for Glen's job & I received a masters degree in speech/language pathology in December 1985. I was a speech pathologist in the public schools for 13 yrs. Having always worked w/ teenagers, I realized I had another calling & got a second masters degree in social work in 1997. Since then, I have been a psychotherapist in private practice in Omaha, seeing teenagers, men, women, & couples, which I really enjoy. My husband is the adaptive p.e. consultant for Millard Schools & we have 2 kids. Jacob is 22 and is at the University of MN in Minneapolis, studying Bio Chemistry. Our daughter, Ellie, 18, just graduated from Millard South & will attend Minnesota State at Mankato next fall, studying special education.
My parents live part time in Grand Island & Phoenix, so I only get back to Lexington every 10 yrs.
posted on June 15, 2010

Name: Kristi Swenson/Crawford
E-Mail: kcrawford14 @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Norfolk, NE
Comments: Hello LHS 1980 Graduates!! I can't believe its been 30 years either! As for me, my love for education,kids, and cars still remain. I have lived my dreams, thanks to my great education from LHS, Kearney State College, and a few extra classes here and there, but most of all from terrific role models and Christian Faith.
After LHS and Kearney State I moved to Norfolk,NE. (1984) Today I'm still in Norfolk, and loving it! My parents, and my two brothers (and their families), also live in Norfolk. We have been blessed to have each other.
In 1985 I married Robert Crawford of Norfolk, and we just celebrated our 25th Anniversary. We have one daughter, Kayla. She graduated from college with her Medical Science Technology Degree and is a licensed pharmacy technician here in Norfolk.
For 20 years I have been in the teaching world, from pre-school, kindergarten, to third grade. I also, dedicated 15 years to teaching Sunday School and Bible School. The rewards were incredible! But, three years ago I decided I was ready for a new adventure, so I moved on to my next I now work full-time for a large transmission business here in Norfolk, which my husband is the service manager, and I am the parts and inventory manager. We see and work on alot of show vehicles and hot rods.
What's really been fun is that we employ some of my former students, and every year in school I preached, "Treat others with respect no matter what, because some day they might end up being your boss!" (They're now finding that out!)
Also, four years ago, after our daughter moved out and we actually started getting more sleep and a little more free time, my husband decided to start a hobby (for the two of us) called Lawn Care. It is now our "Lawn Business" on the side. We mow, fertilize, trim, and spray between 30-40 lawns a week. We NO longer have free time! Thank goodness we enjoy our jobs, our "hobby" and each other. There is absolutely no place I'd rather be than right here in Norfolk, Nebraska. Warm Smiles and Blessings to All!!
posted on June 15, 2010

Name: Krissa White Schaaf
E-Mail: kschaaf @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: North Carolina
Comments: I graduated from the University of Kansas in 1984 with a degree in Health Information Management and have been working in that field ever since. Currently I am a senior associate consultant working with an accounting and consulting firm based in North Carolina. I married Tom Schaaf from Atkinson Nebraska in 1984. Tom is General Manager at a bus dealership in Greensboro. We have two children - Allysen, 22 and Nick 18. Allysen is graduating from the University of North Carolina this May with a degree in Exercise and Sports and Science. She has been accepted at Union Seminary in Richmond Virginia and will start there in the fall to pursue a dual masters degree. Nick is graduating from high school this June and will attend East Carolina University. My hobbies are working with the Fellowship and Christian Education committees at church, attending and watching sporting events, reading and movies. I am disappointed that I can't attend the reunion but we have graduation and then a trip at that same time.
posted on May 26, 2010

Name: Cristyl Marie Wilcox
E-Mail: cristylwilcox @
Class of: 1980
Now Living In: Cozad. Ne, 69130
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Suzan Zetterman Culver
E-Mail: k_sculver @
Class Of: 1980
Now Living In: Owensboro, KY
Comments: I don't know about the rest of you, but it seems impossible to me that we graduated 30 years ago! I can't possibly be that old!!! I graduated from Kearney State with a degree in Spanish and Math Education. I also have a masters degree from Bowling Green State Univ. (Ohio) in College Student Personnel. I have been married for 23 years to a man who graduated from Penn State and works in the food manufacturing industry. Due to his job transfers we have lived in Delaware, MIssouri, Massachusetts and now Kentucky. I have worked in residence life at the University of Delaware, managed a home day care, taught middle school and high school Spanish, and served as the youth director at two of our churches (in Missouri and Massachusetts). I just moved to Kentucky last summer, so am currently working on a plan for this chapter in my life. We have two sons: Zach (20) is a junior at Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania) and Brady (17) is a high school junior.
updated on March 18, 2010