Date Posted: 2018-09-25

RICKY LEE DEWEY, Lexington, Nebraska

Ricky Lee Dewey died after attempting to save David W. Struempler from drowning, Bertrand, Nebraska, August 6, 1989. Struempler, 19, a non- swimmer, fell from a bridge into the Tri-County Canal and was carried downstream. His cousin, Dewey, 27, farm hand, entered the water and waded and swam to him. A struggle ensued, during which Dewey was submerged repeatedly. Another man entered the water and swam to Struempler, who was by then unconscious, and towed him to the bank, where Struempler revived. Dewey drowned.

Ricky Lee Dewey was honored for his heroic act by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission.


Thank you to Scott Wiley (1976) for bringing this to our attention.