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Name: Kristie (France) Gruntorad
E:Mail: krg21115 @
Class Of: 1984
Now Living In: Lexington NE
Comments: Greetings, Mike and I have four children; Tucker (22). Tucker is an electrician with Kayton Electric and lives in Kearney. Trevor (20), Trevor is a CAD designer for Engle homes in Tempe AZ. Allison (14); Allison attends Overton Public Schools, plays all sports and is on the dance team. Tanner (11), Tanner goes to Overton Public Schools and plays all sports and loves race cars. Mike and I lived in Gilbert AZ for three years before moving back to Nebraska in 1991. By the time we run kids and attend all the kids' events, our time is pretty much taken up. Mike works for Baldwin's in Kearney as their HVAC Tech. I am a secretary for Edeal Alfalfa.
posted on September 9, 2005

Name: Thomas Geu
E:Mail: tgeu @
Class Of: 1984
Now Living In: Oceanside, California
Comments: I have been married since 1988. I have four kids Zachary (14), Brystal (12), Spencer (10), and McKenna (8). I proudly served in the Marine Corps for almost 12 years, before becoming a Defense Contractor. I currently do security for a Middle School in Vista and a casino in the area. Along with my kids who act professionally, my wife and I enjoy doing theatre and singing.
posted on April 4, 2005

Name: Cheri Lynn Hallan Saunders
E-Mail: saunders91822 @
Class of: 1984
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Scott and I will celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary this September! We have 4 children: Christopher-works with his father at their business JMS Millwright and Repair; Krystina is a freshman UNL (and is on the deans list for UNO); Krystal graduates this year and has been accepted at Xenon International School of Hair Design and Christian is a 6th grader. I am the Sgt. of Investigtions at Dawson County Sheriff's Office. When not working and chasing kids from one activity to the next, we are very active in our Church and attend numerous mission trips to various parts of the country. LIFE IS GOOD!!
posted on March 29, 2008

Name: Sidney Jo (Johnson) Kirk
E-Mail: sjk8143 @
Class of: 1984
Now Living In: Azle, TX
posted on August 1, 2008

Name: Kerry (McCormick) Crawford
E-Mail: kcrawfor @
Class Of: 1984
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: I have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. I keep busy with their activities. I enjoy playing golf and am a follower of Husker sporting events.
posted on March 30, 2005

Name: Dan McKee
E-mail: dan_cindy2003 @
Class of 1984
Now living in Alamogordo NM
Comments: Well I have had two kids graduate from high school with 4 left to get out of the house. I have been looking around to see what the rest of the class has been doing. I have been retired from the Air Force for 5 years now and currently work for the Air Force as a work center superintendent. I am married to the lovely Cindy McKee
who is also retired Air Force and is now working as a K-4 K-5 teacher at the local Christian School. We are blessed with a great family and great friends. Please email me if you have any updates on what you are doing.
God Bless, Dan
posted on July 10, 2010

Name: Toby Owens
Class Of: 1984
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: Married for 9 years in June to Amanda Biehl-Owens from the class of 1988 at LHS. Abigail Eileen born October 12, 2004. She is the first child. Toby works at Pinnacle Bank. Amy is a sales representative for KRVN.
posted on June 20, 2005

Name: Scott Schwarz
E-Mail: sschwarz @
Class of: 1984
Now Living In: Bertrand, NE.
Comments: Hey, Hey! I can't believe it has been twenty-five years. It seems like yesterday...OK not really. My wife Stacie and I have been married for 19 years and have two really cool kids. They think Dad is cool as well so please if anyone meets them don't spoil that (thank you). Grace is 8 and has learned not to take crap from boys. Isaiah is 7 and appears to already have better study skills than I did in high school. I have taught K-12 art, 9th P.E., and directed one-act play at Bertrand School for twelve years. It really is a great job! Stacie works at the Bank of Bertrand and coaches girls t-ball. I am way too intense for that. Oh yeah, she reminded me that she is on the school board as well (that often gets hung over my head). I had a great experience at our 20th class class reunion and hope that this year exceeds that.
posted on May 6, 2009

Name: Raymond Sorge
E-Mail: nunyas4u @ or rsorge4u @
Class of: 1984
Now Living In: Kearney, Nebraska
Comments: Hello! Boy, do I have stories to tell you! :) Remember me? I was the shy kid that always stayed quiet in the back of the room! :)
posted on August 19, 2011

Name: Alton Wenburg
Class Of: 1984
Now Living In: Cozad, Nebraska
Comments: I have been married since September of 1988 to Jodi Zulkoski Wenburg. We have 3 children. Joshua (12) Courtney (8) Morgan (4). I recently started a small woodworking business. Please check it out and e-mail me if there is anything I can make for you. We both are employed at Monroe's. Most of our time is spent running kids from karate to baton and so forth.
posted on August 1, 2005
Here's an update over the last 7 years. I am still married to the same wonderful lady. Our children are now 20, 15, and 11.My wife works for Colorado Biolabs as a technician. I am currently not working due to a medical issue. I am no longer woodworking as a hobby. I can't due to my medical issue. I now do hand painted clothing. It is alot of fun and the possibilities are endless. Life is okay as we are all still upright and not 6 feet under.
updated on Dec. 6, 2012

Name: Jamalee White Matthews
E-Mail: jameematthews @
Class Of: 1984
Now Living In: Omaha,Nebraska
Comments: I have been married to Joe for almost 19 years. We have 2 kids, Derek-15 and Victoria-13. I am a pharmacist for HY-VEE FOODS (since 1993). Joe works as a service manager for Cassling Diagnostic Imaging. I like to run, read, make jewelry, and take care of my kids. My parents moved to Lincoln in 1990 so I rarely make it back to visit anymore.
posted on April 8, 2007

Name: Lisa May (Woodside, Peterson) Peters
E-Mail: glajpeters @
Class Of: 1984
Now Living In: Aurora, NE
Comments: I have been married to Gordon Peters since 1986 (21 years this March). We have two daughters, Andrea (age 19 attending Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, MA) and Jaylen (age 15 Freshman at Heartland High School in Henderson). I have been working for the United States Postal Service for 13 years. Gordon is self employed in Farming.
posted on February 28, 2007

Name: Denise Ziebell Welch
E-Mail: hclew614 @
Class of: 1984
Now Living In: Colorado
Comments: I was married the first time in 1988. At our 10th I had just had my son Jarrod. He is a Senior at Southern Valley High School. My daughter is Stefanee, she is a Freshman at Southern Valley as well. I was a single mom from 1996 until I met up with Jim Welch in 2001. We were married in June of 2003. We have just moved to Colorado to begin our lives again. I am currently taking training to become an insurance agent and Jim is working at Sashco. We absolutely love it here! Jim went to the Air Force out of high school. He served for a total of 10 years. He did his service on the East Coast. He was married once before as well. He did not have any children in his previous marriage. In 2005 we went through a really rough spell with the onset of my brain tumor. This was successfully removed on 9/27/2005. I am blessed to be on this earth! Jim is a terrific husband and we are very happy and still very much in love!
posted on November 20, 2008