Submissions from old website.

Name: Greg Bacon
E-Mail: gbacon @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Overton, Nebraska
Comments: Have been teaching and coaching for 22 years. Hobbies: golfing, boating, watching my sons in school activities. I am employed by the Lexington Public School system.
posted on May 13, 2005

Name: Andy Brown
E-Mail: andybrown @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Sydney, Australia
Comments: Joined Marines 1976-1989. Married 1980 to Cheryl. Two kids Sarah 24 and Jason 22. Work for Qantas Airlines as import and export supervisor. Cheryl is a 5th grade teacher, Sarah works in pharmaceutical lab, Jason works in auto smash repair. We spend most of our spare time camping, 4wd driving, fishing, golf, etc.
posted on April 4, 2005

E-Mail: patticc57 @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: ELM CREEK NE
posted on July 24, 2005

Name: Brad Dillard
E-Mail: vibraman @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living At: Johnson Lake
Comments: Married 21 years to Avis. Two boys, Jason 20, Junior at UNL. Johnathan 18, SCC Milford. Built home at the lake and moved there Memorial weekend 2008. Still doing construction! Find our classmates and get 'em on here!
updated on December 8, 2008

Name: Rhonda (Groves) Fokken
E-Mail: snr @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Comments: Greetings from South Dakota! Yes, this is where I finally landed. I've been in South Dakota since 1989. I lived in Yankton for about 13 years and have been in Sioux Falls since then.
I am married with 3 children. Dustin is 27 and is pursuing his Master's Degree in manufacturing engineering at ASU. Samantha is 23, lives in Lincoln and is pursuring her Master's degree in Recreational Therapy. In July of 2006 my husband, Steve, and I became legal guardians to Austin who just turned 15. He is currently a freshman at O'Gorman High School and, along with the older two, is a true blessing in our lives.
For the past 7 years I have been employed as office administrator (well, not really, I've done a variety of things for this company but this is my latest mission) for a family owned agricultural company that specializes in serving small to mid-size livestock producers. My husband is a Sr. programmer analyst for Polaris Industries in Vermillion, South Dakota.
We enjoy golfing, water crafting, and spectator sports (Austin's soccer, football and basketball games). Oh, and Nebraska football. We took advantage of the opportunity to acquire season tickets last year when they expanded the stadium.
We have a grumpy cat named Bogie and Tanque a 6 month old Bernese Mountain Dog.
Dave Rose, I've run into your mom in Grand Island. My mom lives in Grand Island now too! I've enjoyed visiting with Marilyn when I have the opportunity to go see my mom.
I'm not very good and keeping in touch, I know. I've enjoyed reading all of your profiles though.
Take care and wishes for the best to all of you.
posted on October 29, 2007

Name: David Hofferber
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Still married to Kathy. Will be 25 years in November. 2 Daughters. Jennifer 20, Jamie 17 going on 30. Plumbing in Lexington. John Ingram is lying.
posted on April 12, 2005

Name: Cyndia (Cyndi) Horn Boesch
E-Mail: cjhobo @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Hi everyone! I have been married for almost 29 years to my husband Jeff. We have 2 children, Melinda and David who have blessed us with 6 grandchildren. Melinda has Nate, Freddy, JoLinda and Julianna, they range from age 8 to 7 mos. David has 2 girls Sarah who is 5 and Abby who is 2. They are very busy blessings! Jeff works for Nebraska by Products and I am working for Sandoz Elementary as a Paraeducator. Although I have a business degree I decided to go back to school a couple of years ago so I can be a teacher when I grow up!! (Like maybe when I am 80). When you can go back on a free grant wouldn't you? Seriously, I think I may have found my place I love working with children..after all they are our hope and our future. God Bless, Cyndi
posted on May 20, 2005

Name: Jack Vinson Gleason
E-Mail: p4life @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Kearney, NE
posted on June 27, 2005

Name: John Ingram
E-Mail: j.ingram @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Omaha, NE
Comments: Married, two children, play golf (not very well). Have stayed in great shape and placed 4th in Boston Marathon.
posted on April 2, 2005

Name: Kim (Kussman) Richey
E-Mail: kaikai5622 @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Columbus, Nebraska
Comments: I'm widowed, have 3 children, and 4 grandchildren, I stay at home and watch my grandchildren once in awhile.
posted on November 27, 2007

Name: Toni Ladwig Flanary
E-Mail: Taffy2114 @
Class of: 1975
Now Living In: Cleburne, Texas
Comments: I have been married to my current husband for almost 25 years. We have no children. But we do have 2 cats and a spoiled rotten dachshund. I work at my church giving food to the needy. I'm working part-time at my brother's used car lot.
posted on November 15, 2011

Name: D. Steven Latter
E-Mail: dl92901 @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Lexington, Nebraska
Comments: Been in construction business since graduation. Married for 23 years, to Karen.
posted on March 18, 2005

Name: Julie (Maloley) Exstrom
E-Mail: jaesx5 @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Comments: I am married and we've lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming for the past 15 years. We have been married for almost 25 years. Mike and I have 3 children, Eric who is 22 years old, he is currently living at home and working full time and has recently applied for the police force (good thing he wasn't around in '75 anywhere near booze hill) and he has always been quite the baseball player and loves sports. Our second son, Darin, is now 20 years old and is a music major at college, drums mostly, but plays guitars, bass and electric, and the piano. He is either leaning towards teaching or being a worship pastor, maybe both. He has a wonderful girlfriend that if he doesn't marry her I'm going to adopt her. Our daughter, Melanie (I named her after Melanie Hatfield) we adopted her when she was 4 years old and now she is 12. She is amazing and we love her so much. The cool thing is she looks just like me so that was meant to be. She will be in the 6th grade at a Christian school here. And she loves to go to church and clean (wow, that was definitely meant to be). My awesome husband is a pilot for the Wyoming Air National Guard, he flies C-130's. He has been with the unit here for 26 years. He did a tour in Iraq, hauling troops in and out of Iraq. And Me, well, I just love my life. I hang out with my husband, travel, go to Rockies baseball games. I do many Volunteer ministries at our church from Youth group, women's, fitness, mentoring (hard to believe, I know) to just about whatever. And I enjoy many good friends here. I hang out with my kids as much as I can and enjoy almost every minute of it.
I want to say thanks to the whole committee that put together the recent class reunion. It was absolutely wonderful. I had a fantastic time. It was great to see all of you. It was a real thrill for me to go down memory lane with so many of you. We had a pretty cool class and I am so thankful to all of you who made the effort to be there. And I missed the ones of you that couldn't come, dang it. Maybe next time? I love you all and if you want some photos of our crazy reunion weekend it would BEHOOVE you to email me and I'll send some off to you. (no I didn't get any of Dipper but maybe the invisible man or Dory did). God Bless you all.
posted on June 20, 2005

Name: Mark Mandelko
E-Mail: mmandelko @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: Well I have been married for 8 years and currently live in Lincoln, NE. I moved to Lincoln in 1982 and have been here since. I have 3 children, 30 year old daughter, Tora, a 22 year old son, Nate, and a 21 year old son, Drew. I also have a 5 year old grandson, Ashton. All live in Lincoln.
I currently am the General Manager for a company that provides all facility maintenance in a 14 state area to a major communications company. If all goes well, my plan is to retire before I am 60. WOW, "before I am 60", I cannot believe we are on that threshold is our lives!
posted on September 26, 2007

Name: Kevin "Scott" Meyer
E-Mail: hunteratheart @
Class of: 1975
Now Living In: New Jersey
Comments: Although I moved and attended Ames High School for my Senior Year regardless to belief I did graduate HS! I was searching the web and found the Alumni Site, although I'm not considered Alumni I do remember most if not all of the people in the class. As for me I am retired from the Military and working as a design engineer for a communications cabling company. I live in New Jersey and return home to the Overton/Lexington area almost every fall for deer season. I've lost contact with anyone minuteman however I have probably crossed paths with some of you that have remained in the area and didn't even know it. Please visit my blog if you don't mind pictures of harvested deer at I would love to hear from any of you, seems like we did wel dispite "Booze Hill"
God Bless
Kevin "Scott" Meyer
posted on March 15, 2010

Name: Vicki (Muller) Evans
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Holdrege, Ne.
Comments: Have 3 grown boys, work at Becton Dickenson for 25 years. And have 1 grandchild, love to watch him, still having fun... hope to see everyone @ Class Reunion.
posted on March 21, 2005

Name: Dave Rose
E-Mail: medsupplies4U @
Class Of: 1975
Living and breathing in Tennessee, final answer.
Comments: I regret not seeing the class of 75 on June 17 and18th. In reviewing the LHS on-line calendar of events, it appears LHS is conducting summer school throughout this reunion and I fear my name is on this particular roster, thus my absence. I have a good friend in Atlanta who was giving away a daughter in marriage much earlier than planned. It was important the shells be removed from the gun as we help congratulate the grandfather-to-be at the very moment the cows were coming home at Greg Araujo's.
When I saw my name listed as 1 of 13 missing in action, along with Terry Iltzh, Mark Waldor and the likes, it was evident a conspiracy theory was in play. I understand Kevin Rader did get the memo. Must have been the Bye-Bye Birdie play, beats me.
Seriously, had I know that Dick Hollinger, Marion Kline, Mr. White, and Jean (B) McGee, and more, would be in attendance, I would have been there, if not for an hour, or two. If anyone has contact with these folks, please tell them thank you from me. Wow, sorry to miss this one!
No telling how many more years we have so I take this time to say hello, and good-bye, to my old friends at LHS. I figure I've traveled over 2 million plus miles throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico selling medical supplies for 20 years, or so. As far as Puerto Rico and Mexico are concerned, Mrs. Dudley's Spanish class didn't help much, but I can order meatballs and rice! I travel a great deal and tolerate things most people would not. My family has yet to figure out what I do, so I dare not embark on any explanation. Although, I can assure you it's all legal. I look forward to the day of managing the customer service desk at Tractor Supply, but ultimately dream of retiring in Costa Rica which very well may happen one day.
Married 25 years to my first wife, Carolyn, because I care. I have yet to meet my second wife. Ben (23) will graduate from University of West Georgia in December via the 5.5 year plan. Ashley (17) soon-to-be Senior and Lindsey (16) is an upcoming Junior. Lindsey may very well play collegiate LaCrosse, a tough competitor and goalie. My children have played hockey in Minneapolis, football in Atlanta and LaCrosse in Nashville. Unlike their father, both Ashley and Lindsey take AP classes, achieve Principals Honor List, Honors Society, French Class President and more. Ashley was recently recognized by Ford Motor Company for her essay competition on credit. As I review my monthly bank card statements, her mother should read this essay!
Thus far, my son and daughters are poster kids for society. Yes, I'm lucky, blessed and then some.
Surviving over 3 dogs; our doors, floors and hair-left-behind leave homage to their memory.
I finally increased my horsepower and purchased a Harley-Davidson 'Road King Custom' last fall. Hope to catch up with Mike Gierhan in Kearney and ride through the hills (sand hills and black hills) together in August with some friends from Tennessee on our way to Sturgis. I enjoy duck hunting in Mississippi, Goose hunting with my brother, Brian, on the Platte River. Fishing off San Juan is the best. I'm currently in search of the best improved player club I can find. My handicap is pathetic.
My next door neighbor is a Urologist, so I'm well connected for any manly health issues that may affect me in years to come, albeit the prostate or need of the blue pill – I'm connected!
I routinely visit the hematology and Dermatology department at the Vanderbilt Clinic. The many years at the Lexington Swimming Pool coupled with the beaches of Florida finally took its toll; called in their chips. Wear sun screen as, "stairway to heaven" has taken on a whole new meaning!
For those of you I don't get a chance to see before we meet our friends in the great celestial sky, I always hold the memories of LHS as a foundation of, we'll, something of significance.
Ya'll keep the faith.
Dave Rose
P.S. No way is John running any marathons! 440 yd dash for free beer is believable.
P.S.S. Corrine, fantastic web site, nice job, I wish you the best!
P.S.S.S. – I hope to hell Marion isn't grading this thesis; but still love her regardless of the grade.
posted on June 22, 2005

E-Mail: cookymkr @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: COLUMBUS, NE
Comments: Married, two daughters, ages 21 & 24, both are UNL students. Oldest daughter married in May, 2004. My husband and I moved to Columbus, NE during the past year, leaving Dawson County behind [which wasn't a bad thing]. I work at the Courthouse. My husband farms.
posted on March 30, 2005

Name: David Schrader
E-Mail: dschrade @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Syracuse, NE
posted on March 18, 2005

Name: Michael Lewi Small
E-Mail: mls1980 @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Hastings, NE
Comments: I have been married to Lisa Stewart for 25 years. We have no children that we know of but are still trying. I own and operate Highland Park Lawn Co. We spend as much time as we can at the cabin at Plum Creek Canyon in the summer. I enjoy hunting in the winter and Lisa and I travel during the winter months. John Ingram would not run across the street if they were giving away free smokes and beer.
posted on May 13, 2005

Name: Lanay Strever
E-Mail: lehnnie @
Class of: 1975
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
posted on February 25, 2009

Name: Douglas Wehr
E-Mail: roscoe6 @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Lexington, NE
Comments: Married 25 years to Marian and she is Director of Nursing at Plum Creek Medical Group. Have 3 children, Jason, 22 yrs, a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA, Christopher, 21 yrs, college student majoring in computer networking and last but not least my daughter, Julie, 17 yrs, heading to college this fall at UNK pursuing a physical therapy career. I'm currently employed with Phillips Construction.
posted on June 13, 2005

Name: Pam (Wheeler) Panning
E-Mail: pjpanning @
Class Of: 1975
Now Living In: Bradenton, Florida
Comments: I've been married to John for 22 years and have 2 girls ages 16 and 19. Rachael is a Junior in High School and Alyssa is a freshman at Middlebury College in Vermont.
John retired a couple of years ago, so we spend as much time as we can in Big Sky, Montana. I play a lot of golf, tennis and bridge. (that makes me sound like an old lady doesn't it). Hope to see you all at the class reunion.
posted on May 12, 2005