Submissions from old website.

Name: Greg Bacon
Class Of: 1975
Faculty: yes
Faculty years: 1999-
Now Living In: Overton, Nebraska
Comments: Have been teaching and coaching for 22 years. Hobbies: golfing, boating, watching my sons in school activities. I am employed by the Lexington Public School system.
posted on May 13, 2005

Name: Margaret Bader
E-Mail: mbader57 @
Faculty Staff years: 1970-1989
Now Living At: Johnson Lake
Comments: I have some old newspaper clipping scrap books of track and cross country. Does anyone want to look through them? They are dusty, but I am trying to "freshen" them.
posted on May 24, 2012

Name: Tim Davis
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: I came to Lexington as a psychology/anthropology teacher in 1976. I have spent the last 31 years as an educator in the Lexington School System. I am currently serving as a guidance counselor at Lexington High School. My wife Jane works as a second grade teacher at Pershing Elementary. I have two grown daughters Jennifer and Sarah. Lexington has been a great place to live and raise my family. It has been a privilege to work with many wonderful students over the years.
posted on May 5, 2007

Name: Jim Hanson
Class Of: 1966
Faculty: 1975-1977
Now Living In: Papillion, Nebraska
Comments: Hello Everyone! OK, OK - I better get something 'posted' on this website, so you all don't get too disappointed. Like, whatever happened to Hanson?? 40 years ...WOW! I have really enjoyed reading everyone's comments.
My heart goes out to those of you that have lost a family member. I know & share "Your Pain". My wife, Bev of 31 years (whom many of you knew) died from Stage 4 Breast Cancer on February 7, 2005. I had 'no clue' she even had it. Bev died "instantly" next to me in the front seat of our car upon returning from cashing a check. Life is so precious, isn't it? Yes, one can be gone in a 'heartbeat'. She had washed 15 loads of laundry the day before as it was 'just another day.' We all move forward...that's all we can do!
Now, I am "dating challenged". Yes, it's a 'Real Hoot', I tell ya'. Some of the events I have gone to remind me of a junior high dance! REALLY!..."far out".
Jeff (27)..US Air Force. He has been deployed in Italy & Afghanistan, now in the DC area. (Fort Meade, MD.) Going out to see him on June 20th. We have not seen him since Thanksgiving. Will be a busy week with reunion & all! But a fun one!
Melissa (30) Going to UNO for Dental Hygiene. Licensed Massage Therapist. Lives in Omaha.
Joel (36) Stepson Lives in Vermillion, SD. Teaches music part-time at USD. Grandkids..Jody (14) and Josch (12).
Me...Have a MS in Construction Management and returned to UNO in 2002-2004 and received a MS in Educational Administration. Ya'..I was "The Senior Student". The average age of students in the program was 28!! I consult for teachers and administrators (the folks that we need to keep 'humored' sometimes)..or anyone that will listen to me!
I design & implement Career & Vocational Education Programs with life skills and a pipeline to the Workforce. I also work with the state education department in helping to 're-think' the high school experience. Many of my vocational programs have been for at-risk youth & diverse cultures.
One of my assignments took Bev and I to Casper, WY....first day we were there we ran into Dale & Linda Wolfe at Village Inn. Pretty 'small world', isn't it!
I worked with Tom Osborne alot when when he ran for you probably know...he did not make it! I do have some future projects planned with him. It was fun getting to know Tom & Nancy on the campaign trail. Great Americans!
Sometimes I have subbed for OPS. I ran into Everett "Bud" Hopkinson in March, 2006. "Our" 10th grade "Geometry Teacher" 1963-64. He is a substitute teacher for OPS. He has to be '80-100 something', but looks great and still teaching....and still has his 'Boston Accent' So there ya'are. There is hope for all of us!!
I warn All of YOU ahead of time...I am probably the only one that has NOT aged!!
See you all in a few! Karaoke, anyone?? Remember your dark sun glasses! :)
posted on June 14, 2006

Name: Ann McGee
Now Living In: Lexington
Faculty: Yes
Comments: Taught at St. Ann's 1970-1988 and LHS 1994-present. I am currently teaching 7th grade Language Arts at Lexington Middle School after 30 years of teaching Spanish. (LMS was short a L.A. teacher, so it was Super McGee to the rescue). I also sponsor Middle School Drama Team. My son, Kirk is married and living in Lincoln. Craig is married and living in Omaha. Casey is in a residential facility here in Lex. My husband, Marion, is still farming and serving on the school board. Would love to hear from any former students!
posted on June 30, 2005

Name: Roger Reutlinger
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: Teaching art at good old LHS. Married, wife Cindy is a teacher at the Middle School. 3 kids, twins Chad and Troy age 25 and Corey a freshman at LHS, age 15. Been teaching 36 years. 25 year member of LVFD, presently the training officer. Hobbies are gardening and yard work. Manage the swimming pool in the summer.
posted on March 24, 2005

Name: Michele (Sellin) Flynn
E-mail: jm_flynn @
Class Of: 1988
Now Living In: Lexington
Faculty years: 1996-now
Comments: Hey everyone! I thought it was time to update our site! I am still living in Lexington and am completing my 18th year of teaching ELL at LHS. I have also been married 18 years to Jeff. He is a deputy with Dawson County. Together we have 4 kids. I have 2 step-sons: Brandon is 30, married to Jen and living and working in Tampa, FL. Seth is 25 and working in Omaha. Together we have Chandler (17) and our daughter Ashtyn (14). They are busy with sports (baseball, softball, basketball, XC, track), cheerleading, dance and just being social. Chandler is a runner and does well for Lexington XC and track. Hope to get everyone to submit information so we can keep up with each other! Other email is michele.flynn @
updated on April 29, 2014

Name: Al Shirley
Faculty: 1973-present
Now Living In: Lexington
Comments: I just stumbled on to this site and have had a great time reading all the notes. What a terrific site. I am still teaching math; moved to the HS from Junior High in 1996. I no longer coach wrestling but still coach girls track. I came to Lex with the idea of being here for about five years and then get a real job but have had so much fun, I'm still here, thanks to all those great Lex Grads!
posted on December 7, 2006

Name: Nathan Wize
Class Of: 1992
Faculty: 1998 - 220
Now Living In: Omaha
Comments: Married yes, to Alynne in 1995, we have 2 kids, Emy (1998), and Alex (2000). Graduated from UNK, or they gave me a degree, (which ever way you look at it I won) in Secondary Education. I started my teaching career at good old LHS and loved my 4 years there. Still keep in touch with my former students. I still teach in Omaha for OPS at Wilson Middle School. Wilson is the alternative school for OPS where we try to modify behaviorally challenged students and get them back into a regular middle school or high school.
I enjoy spending time with my family, watching Creighton Athletics and playing ball with my boy. Oh yeah, Husker football still rocks in the fall, but Bluejay basketball rules the roost when it gets cold out.
Feel free to drop an e-mail.
posted on May 20, 2007

Name: Lowell Zetterman
Faculty: yes
Faculty years: 1958-78
Now Living In: Lincoln, NE
Comments: I was a staff member for the Nebraska State Ed. Assn. until 1999 when I retired for health reasons. Since then have been enjoying time with family (son Stuart and daughter Suzan-each with two boys), wife Diana, hunting and fishing and buying and selling antiques at shows and malls. I work at and manage an antique mall here in Lincoln at 1835 Q St. My wife and I do quite a bit of traveling with our 5th-wheel camper and believe it or not, visit quite a few historical sites. I still miss Lex and the lake and have many fond memories of the 3000 students I had in my classes and those I coached. It's always great to see or hear from former students so would welcome contacts from any of you.
posted on July 1, 2005