Submissions from old website.

Name: Stacy Booker
E-Mail: brat_16_2001 @
Class of: 2001
Now Living In: Grand Island
Comments: Hi everyone, I am currently living in Grand Island working with people with a disability every day. I am a newly wed and had gotten married on June 14th. It was a fantasy come true. I finally found my prince charming and am living a life with amazing dreams. Some day hope to have a couple kids, but for now just living day by day. Well hope to see you guys around.
posted on November 20, 2008

Name: Phuong-Linh Bui
E-Mail: phuonglinh2217 @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: Chantilly, VA
Comments: Hi everyone, wow! It's been such a long time. I stumbled upon this site by accident. I'm currently living in Chantilly, VA, which is around 25 minutes from Wash D.C. I graduated with a BS in Finance last year from George Mason University in Virginia. How did I end up in VA? That's a really long story. Here's a quick summary: After graduating (at mid-term) from LHS, I moved to NYC where I attended school in upper Manhattan. I had to wait a year before attending, to get the in-state rate, but after the September 11 incident, it was no longer fun living in New York. After one semester in NYC, I moved to Virginia where I had to wait another year before I could get the in-state tuition rate. I'm currently working as a Financial Analyst for CACI International, Inc. CACI is a company that provides services that support gov't agencies such as the military, DoD, and DISA. I'm still with my boyfriend of 6 years, no kids, and have no intentions of getting married or have kids any time soon. There are so many things I would like to accomplish (like getting my Masters and PhD) before tying the knot. I still visit Lex often because my parents still live there. Anyway, I will be checking back and hopefully see more familiar faces. I've also started a myspace page recently. You can go to to see updated pics or just to say Hello. Finally, I would like to wish ya-all the best of luck in your current and future endeavors. Peace!
posted on June 27, 2006

Name: Elizabeth Elia
E-Mail: eliae2004 @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: Jacksonville Florida
Comments: Well, I've definitely changed since I was in High School. I'm an Intelligence Specialist in the U.S. Navy. I've been a lot of places since I left that small town - Malta, Bahrain, Jebel Ali UAE, Barcelona, Florida and I was stationed in Omaha for a few years. I'm going to come back to UNK and finish up a degree in Accounting when I leave the Navy. Well, I hope someone remembers me!! :)
posted on May 24, 2006

Name: David Lawrence Kline
E-Mail: DavidKline17 @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: Morgantown, WV
Comments: Wow! Lexington Nebraska! High school, hummm seems so long ago... I'm doing the best I can I guess I graduated May 2005 from West Virginia University with a degree in Finance. Right now I'm trying to obtain a Masters in Finance or MBA and working as a financial analyst. Yeah who would've thought. Anyways I don't have any little ones, I do have a girl friend (hopefully a fiance soon). I like to go snow skiing, work out, and help people with finance. How about everyone else? What do you guys do? How's life been treating ya.
posted on June 27, 2006

Name: Abbey McFarland
E-Mail: ammcfarland @
Now Living In: Iowa
Comments: Hello all!!! I am currently living in the Des Moines area in Iowa. I graduated from UNK then came to Iowa for Mortuary Science. I graduated, and have been a licensed funeral director for going on 3 years. My fam is still in Lexington and I have the cutest nephew alive!!!!!:) I am not married and have no little ones either, just my cat Harrison...... :) TAKE CARE!!!!
posted on March 22, 2011

Name: Lindsay Kathleen McMullen
E-Mail: lins_913 @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: Lincoln Nebraska
Comments: Hi everyone! Well, I graduated from the college of hair design almost 4 years ago and I've been working at a salon in south Lincoln for a long time now, I'm having a lot of fun. Hopefully soon I will be moving up to Omaha or possibly out of Nebraska, somewhere warm, I'm kind of thinking of Las Vegas since I seem to be a frequent visitor,and I love it there, but not for sure and definitely not permanently. I haven't been to Lex in a while, since my family lives in Omaha now it's hard to get back. I'm not married yet and have no kids, just a himalayan kitty named Ava.
posted on September 1, 2005

Name: Jalene M. Nemec
E-Mail: jalene.nemec @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: Knoxville, TN
Comments: I moved here right out of high school and have been attending the University of TN. I will finally be graduating this May with a degree in HR with international business. I have recently taken a position with a company by the name of HTC as an operations manager. We distribute concrete grinding machines to North America- our products are manufactured at our parent company's facility in Sweden. Because of my recent trip to Sweden I am now beginning to learn Swedish (I have a long way to go!), so that I will be better able to communicate with my colleagues. Outside of work and class I am just enjoying life, traveling as much as I can and having good times with friends.
posted on February 9, 2006

Name: Nessa Puente Roberts
E-Mail: nessi_dreday1 @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: Lincoln
Comments: Well where do I start off at? It's already 2005! whoa! I feel old! I started off in Hastings at the community college there and took radio broadcasting, it was something that I didn't like so I decided massage therapy. It's kinda funny how it went from radio broadcasting to massage therapy huh? I'm currently employed for CIP which is Commercial Investment Properties. They own a lot of properties here in Lincoln and Omaha. I'm a part time leasing agent for the time being and absolutely love it! I plan on taking my state boards in October. I have 2 kids, nah - just kidding! I'm single with no little ones! Anyone wanna drop me a line sometime, feel free!
posted on September 1, 2005

Name: Nicole (Roemmich) Thorell
E-Mail: tiger1517 @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: California
Comments: I graduated Bryan School of Nursing as a Registered nurse. I got married May 2005 to Blake Thorell and we are currently living in California where Blake serves in the Marine Corp.
posted on August 16, 2005

Name: Riley Rubenthaler-Gil
E-Mail: rileyrub @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: Pinedale, Wyoming
Comments: I can't believe that is is 2005. I am working in Home Health now in Wyoming and I got married to Leo Gil almost two years ago, I just came back from El Salvador two days ago. Immigration wouldn't let my husband back so now I am working on that like crazy, I miss my husband!!! We don't have any kids yet but we have three dogs and they are just like our kids. If anybody wants to get in touch send me a email.
posted on September 16, 2005

Name: Rebecca (Schwarz) Goffena
E-Mail: rebeccagoffena @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Comments: Wow, it has been so long. After high school I did the ARMY thing and college for a while at UNK. Last year I got married and moved to Colorado Springs with my husband. Right now, I am attending the State Patrol Training Academy here in Golden, CO. After graduation in June, I will be a Trooper in Colorado Springs. I miss Nebraska and love going back to see my family and friends.
posted on March 17, 2006

Name: Jessica Senn
E-Mail: jnsenn @
Class Of: 2001
Now Living In: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Comments: I will be graduating this April with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Trinity Western University in Vancouver, British Columbia. I will take the summer off and return for an internship with Health Canada in the department of Health Policy in Ottawa, Ontario(Canada's capital). Being in another country has definitely enriched my college experience and it will be hard to ever leave! I've thoroughly enjoyed myself!
posted on March 31, 2005

Name: Suzanne Way
E-Mail: racechic_27 @
Class of: 2001
Now Living In: North Platte, Nebraska
Comments: I can't believe we have been out of high school for 9 years now! Wow. Well after graduation, I went to UNK and studied Business Management, graduating in May of 2006. I moved to North Platte after graduating hoping to find a good job. I had my son, Will in December 2006 and am currently working at Applebee's waiting tables, taking care of Will and trying to go back to school to get my masters.
March 15, 2010

Name: Jason P. Wehr
E-Mail: jtwehr @
Class of: 2001
Now Living In: Genoa, NE
Comments: Hi, I'm currently living in Genoa, NE driving a semi for a farmer but I am looking to go over the road in about a year or so. Shortly after graduating high school I joined the Marine Corps and was stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego. I served 2 tours to Iraq and later came back to Lexington in August of 2007. I will officially be out of the Marine Corps in August of 2009. In Nov. of 2007 I attended school in Salt Lake City, UT where I learned how to drive a semi and received my CDL. In Dec. of 2007 I met Tiffany, my fiancé, through a mutual friend and now we are planning a wedding for July 3, 2010. I have a 2 yr old daughter Gabby and soon I will have a step daughter Kenedi and a step son Brendan.
posted on May 11, 2009

Name: Amanda M. Wilson-Perez
E-Mail: pandaangelfaith @
Class of: 2001
Now Living In: Holdrege, Nebraska
Comments: Hi everyone! Wow! 10 years, really??? I can't believe that one, and I refuse to think of how old I am. I am not aging, I am just becoming wiser and maturing! :) Anyway, my life turned out very different from what I thought and now I am married to a wonderfully strong person and we have four children between the two of us. I love being a mother with all of the challenges. I have also finished my Bachelor's in Accounting and my Master's in Management from University of Phoenix-Online. While it was something I enjoyed doing, I am glad it is over and I am able to focus on my family. If you want to know more, I am on facebook and check my email regularly.
submitted October 26, 2010