A message from the Alumni Board:
Hi Class Reps,
It is with great regret that we have decided to cancel the Alumni Banquet for June 20, 2020.  With the schools closed until May 31st we didn't see any way we could be ready by the 20th.  And we are not even sure we could have it then.  So for this year anyway we are not having it.  It is ENTIRELY up to each class as to whether or not you want to get together.  If you choose to go ahead with your plans you are on your own.  The Around the Block Catering facility will be available now.  Just give Jolene Block a call at 308-325-6547.  Also, as of now the Welcome Back Orange and Black parade is still going to happen-pending any new regulations.  If it does happen, I will email you all the registrations.  
Thank you all for your hard work on your reunions.  We really do appreciate it.  If you have any concerns or questions please give Brian or myself a call.  
Marilyn (Kleint) Hueftle '67
Brian Edeal '67